December 21, 2012

Day 4: Hong Kong Disneyland

As promised I will post our second day in Hong Kong Disneyland, after checking out in Disney's Hollywood Hotel, we left our baggage and immediately went to Disneyland Resort. This time we will concentrate on Main Street and Tomorrow Land, the park that we missed on our first day.

For the second time around we missed the Mickey and Minnie Mouse photo op, hindi na naman kami nakakaabot sa pila. =( 

We watched the Disney Performing Arts.

I wanted to visit Animation Academy to learn how to draw Disney characters but hubby was not interested so we just visit souvenir shops while waiting for the Santa Mickey’s Toy-riffic Street party

Then I saw my college classmate, the last time I saw him was 4 years ago when I submitted my resignation and got my stuff in the office. He told me that I should inform him that we will visit Disneyland so he can give me passes. Waah! I know that he works in Hongkong Disneyland but I did not know that they have free passes. Imagine my savings if I just informed him, sayang talaga!

I bought a 2-day pass ticket that amounted to $HK1353 or PHP7424.61. If ever we will be back in Disneyland I will definitely inform him.

After the parade show, we went to Tomorrow Land, we rode Orbitron and Space Mountain. The minimum height requirement of Space Mountain is 102cm and my son is exactly 102cm in their measurement so they allowed us to enter this ride. We’ve watched and read so many warnings that this ride has pause, bumps, etc. But in my mind, it is like a mini roller coaster just like in Enchanted Kingdom but I was wrong.

I was praying during the ride and my prayer really intensified because I can’t forgive myself if something happened to my son. This is the scariest ride that I’ve experienced and my knees were really shaking. 

But God is good, my son was just ok and when I asked him if he wants to ride again, he said yes but of course, I will never ride Space Mountain again. My husband was also guilty and he embraced my son all throughout the ride and he just told my son to look at the stars. Hehe! (yung katabi ko na foreigner na super laki, takot na takot din)

After that, we took a rest and went to Fantasy Garden again for the photo op. Then we went to Lucky Nuggets Saloon for our lunch.

Next stop is Stitch Encounter, we thought that we will watch a show but this is an interactive show. It was fun and my husband became part of the show.

We rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and a photo op with Buzz Lightyear. Our last activity was watching Flights of Fantasy Parade.

As much as we want to stay longer to watch the Christmas Illumination and Fireworks we have to say goodbye to Hong Kong Disneyland and say Hello Macau. #bitin

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  1. Na ka touch naman si mommy at si daddy. Ako din sumakay ng ganyan one time dito, kala ko end of the world na. I was crying and promised myself na di an ko uulit:)
    Etahn is very lucky child having you both:)

    1. Hahaha! Nakakaheart-attack kaya ayaw ko na ulitin. :)

  2. Sana extended ang free passes sa blogger friends mo :)
    Ay grabe, ang tapang ni Ethan! hilong hilo ako jan. Mas gugusuthin kong sumakay ng space shuttle twice kesa sa sumakay sa space mountain.

    1. ang tapang nga sis, e ako nga ayaw ko ng sumakay. hehe!

  3. Wow, ang saya! It has always been my dream to visit HK Disneyland! :)

  4. Nice! I think we'll stay in a Disneyland hotel din when we return to HK. IIn 3 years time pa naman so we have time to save. It's hard nga talaga to try to go around the park if you have kids with you e. Para naman they'll fully enjoy. =)

  5. I have visited there several times with my little kid, he enjoyed a lot. Disney parade was the most attractive moment.