May 21, 2015

Shopping for School Bag

Whether I like it or not, two weeks from now I have to kiss goodbye to summer vacation. I’ve been busy preparing all my son’s needs this coming school year and my back to school checklist is almost done.

Aside from books, one of the major expense in school is a bag. I just bought a trolley bag last year and it is still working fine but the problem is, we need a bigger bag because my son will be in grade school.

I told my husband last year to buy box type bag so we can reuse it the following year but he doesn’t like the idea because it is too big for my son. Ok fine, siya naman magbayad.

Two weeks ago, when my friend told me that she will go to SM, I asked her to check the price and design of the Hawk Bag box type bag. She sent me the pictures of the bag.

I was shocked when she told me that the price is P4,299.75. Waah! Mahal pa sa bag ko and almost double the price of our school bag last year. Click here to see our old bag. She informed me that there will be less 10% sa weekend sale.

After few days of waiting, we took advantage of the weekend sale and went to SM. The mall was really packed and box office hit ang pila sa cashier but of course tiniis ko ito para sa discount. Lol. I got the bag at P3,869.77 from P4,299.75. The salesman said, “kung nandito kayo before 12 noon may additional 10% discount. Sayang, 20% discount sana.

Hawk bag has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality bags and accessories since 1978. That is why,, I like Hawk bag because tried and tested na namin. I also like the features of the bag.

Ergonomic Design - I like the simple design and color. This box type has six wheels so my son can push or pull the bag in any directions.
Lock Stitch Technology
Heavy Duty Zipper
Multiple Organizer - it has a lot of pockets so you can easily organize the school stuff.

Pocket for the water bottle.
Pocket for snack/lunch.
Pocket in front where you can put the pencil case, scissors, crayons and many more.
Pocket at the back is where I put the extra clothes.
Pocket inside the bag where I put the whiteboard.

Weather Resistance - there’s available cover if it rains. Are you done with your back to school shopping?

Update 2017: 

When my son was in Grade 3, his grandmother gifted him a new school bag for Christmas. The Blue Hawk Bag is still in good condition but we need a bigger bag for his Grade 4-6 school stuff. We gave the old bag to his cousin. The price is P4299.75 less 10% discount.

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