June 15, 2015

Lunch at BonChon Chicken

We had our first taste of BonChon Chicken three years ago and since then, it became one of our favorite chicken meal. Though we are the only group of 3 persons, we always order a group meal which is good for 4 persons. My last visit was January 20, 2015 after my KUB IVP test

The restaurant is known for its famous crispy and flavorful chicken but they also serve other dishes like chops and fish. Last Friday, we revisited BonChon Chicken because we saw the poster of Seafood Platter Group Meal at P655.

We always order their chicken group meal, so for a change, seafood naman. The group meal includes seafood platter, (calamari + crispy shrimp +crispy fish) 4 rice, 4 drinks, 2 side dishes, and 1 chapchae

Iced Tea and Pineapple
As always, we’re satisfied with our meal and off we went to the movie house to watch Jurassic World


  1. I always loved Bonchon. When I need a quick fix, I always drop by to get a Japchae or their glazed wings. :)

  2. I love Bonchon! I always order their thigh ricebox. :)

  3. We love Bon Chon chicken. The sot garlic sauce is so full of flavor.

  4. I always want to try Bonchon but our little boy always want Jollibee e. But maybe next time, ipipilit ko na and Bonchon.

  5. I think there us already Bonchon at SM Marilao. One of these days we might try this.