June 01, 2015

Hershey’s Spread

My son likes eating sandwiches, if I remember it right, he was eating bread + Nutella almost every single day when he was three years old and it was also his baon when he was in Nursery. 

But time came na nagsawa din siya so I have to look and try different spreads that he likes. We tried the Lotus Biscoff before, he loves it but not really his favorite so I thought he prefers chocolate spread. I bought Ovomaltine but he didn’t like it, maybe because the texture is not fine.  Since imported spreads are not cheap, I stopped buying at sayang pagdi niya type. Good thing my son loves peanut butter spread too.

Last April, I saw this Hershey’s Spreads Chocolate with Almond at S&R P200. I was glad that my son loves it and he was eating bread + Hershey's spreads during weekdays for his breakfast. 

And because it is his favorite, I went back to S&R again to buy this spread. The available spread is Hershey’s Spread Chocolate at P220, waah! Nagtaas na. 

I don’t know how long he will like this spread but I’m hoping that the price will not increase anymore.


  1. My son love these kid of spreads but parang nagsawa na yata. Hindi na pinapansin ung mga spreads sa bahay. I will try to look for this once I visited Subic. My memebership at S&R was expired.

  2. Instead of my son, I love chocolate spread more. Kaya ayaw ko na bumili at hindi na ako papayat nyan.. hehehe

  3. Looks yummy yet sinful. I'm a huge fan of chocolate , be it bar on spreads. Would love to try this!