June 07, 2015

Dinner at Leslie’s Restaurants

If you are in Tagaytay, most of the time you will crave for bulalo and Leslie’s Restaurants is one of our choices if we want bulalo. It started when we went to Caleruega for the very first time in year 2008. 

We went back when we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in Tagaytay and we kept on coming back after our visit in Caleruega (every Holy Week). It lasted for few years, then we decided to try other restaurants in Tagaytay. The restaurant is always packed and sometimes you really have to wait long just to get a table. 

We were in Tagaytay last Friday and we can’t decide where to eat when we saw Leslie’s Restaurants at Sky Ranch. It was our first time in this branch. 

Since we always order bulalo, we decided to try other dishes so my husband ordered Sinigang na Maya Maya P399, Pinakbet Con Lechon P275 and steamed rice is P49 per cup. Leslie’s Restaurants is known for huge servings so it is really good for family food trip. 

When the food came, we were so disappointed because the taste is so bland. I can’t taste the tamarind and I think they forgot to put salt in Sinigang na Maya Maya. The dish has few ingredients too, I can really count the vegetables. Lol. The Pinakbet Con Lechon is just ok for us. 

And because of that experience, if ever we will go back to Leslie’s, we will just order bulalo again. 

Leslie’s Restaurants 

Les and Ries Garden Ranch and Restaurant 
KM 60 Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City 
Cavite City 4120

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  1. Sinigang sa maya looks very delicious especially when its cold. :)