September 03, 2015

Craft Easy: Canvas Painting Kit

I went to National Bookstore just to buy ballpen but knowing me, the bookstore is one of my happy places. I love checking school supplies, books and many more, looking for something that I might need.

Then I saw this Craft Easy Canvas Painting Kit P115, I asked my son if he wants to paint and he said yes. He chose the “knight” design, maybe he remembers our trip to Legoland Malaysia. The ride that we never dare to try.

Anyway, the kit includes 1 piece canvas with print, 6 pieces paint tubes and 1 piece brush. 

There’s no example on how to paint it so it is really up to you on how you are going to paint it. 

I let my son paint this canvas and here is the finished product. I hang his painting on our wall. He prefers painting than coloring so I’m planning to buy more designs.


  1. Hehe same us here! I love bookstore looking and checking what's new. hahaha! mas matagal ang stay ko sa bookstore kaysa super market... Honestly there's a lot of ready made pictures, canvas, painting materials na pwedeng pwede for our children. They are so blessed ha, to have it kasi sa panahon natin noon hanggang crayons at bond paper lang talaga tayo :)

  2. I can never leave National Bookstore with just the item I had set out to buy. I always end up picking up something extra! It's my happy place, too.

  3. Bookstores are some of my favorite places on Earth. Haha! :) I love those Craft Easy products. I use a lot of them on my planner. But I haven't tried this painting set for my son yet. Looks like something he would enjoy also.

  4. Very nice! Will get Jacob a few of those and make it part of our homeschooling curriculum. :-)