September 14, 2015


I mentioned in my previous post that I wasn’t feeling good but I’m trying to be okay because I know that life is a gift to be enjoyed no matter what. 

Last Saturday, my husband went to school to get my son’s school card. I was nervous for his grade in Araling Panlipunan and I’ve been telling to myself, accept whatever the grade. Hehehe! Of all the subjects kasi, we’re really having a hard time in Araling Panlipunan because my son is not really good in Filipino Language yet. 

When my husband arrived, I asked him about the grades and he just handed me the card. #pasuspense I opened the envelope, I was glad when I saw the Gold Eagle Seal because in our school, getting an eagle seal is already a big deal because it means you did well in school. 

Gold Eagle Seal - 91.50% and above with grades not lower than 89 in any subject.

As expected Araling Panlipunan is the lowest grade of my son which is 90, not bad at all. I just need to teach him more Tagalog words so he can understand the questions lalo na pag Tama or Mali na questions. Malalim na sa kaniya ang ipagmalaki, ikahiya, talaan, or anything na mahaba, di niya gets. 

And because he did well in school, there is a reward for that. If you remember my post before that we went to Alabang Town Center to check the LazerXtreme but it was already closed and we promised that we will visit the other branch. So this is it, so kahit malayo ang Market Market sa min pumunta pa rin kami.

Table and chairs are reserved for party guests
LazerXtreme is located at the 4th Floor of Market Market and I noticed that it was small compared to the ATC branch. We paid for one game which is P220 per person and we have to wait till 11:20AM. 

There were no available seats inside so we have to wait outside for one hour. I did not expect that we are going to wait that long because the game is only 15-20 minutes. My son was so excited to play the game and 1 hour = forever to him so inip na inip. Hehehe!

After one hour of waiting, we were called to go inside. There was a video instruction before you start the game. 

They wear this vest with gun, the color of the vest is your team color. 

I don’t know what happened inside because I did not join them. My husband told me na madilim daw sa loob and nagkahiwalay pa sila ng anak ko. Naghanapan pa sila, good thing my son was saying “I’m lost” repeat nth times hanggang sa nakita siya ng daddy niya. Hehehe! 

The goal is to shoot your opponent (co-player). Ending, talo ang team nila (Cyan). I was teasing them na natalo pa sila nung 2 players lang. Hehehe! 

My son really enjoyed the game because he whispered to me, “mommy next week, let’’s go to LazerXtreme and I will be red team”. Waah! I told him, not next week, if he gets good grade again in 2nd grading, we will go back.

LaserTag Rates

Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) 

P190 one game
P170 on next games

Weekends/Holidays (Fri-Sunday)

P220 one game
P190 on next games

LazerXtreme is ideal to product launches, birthday parties or team buildings. 

4th Floor Market Market
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig


  1. My kids loved laser tag too. They played in a couple of times this year and last year as we were invited for a preview of the newly launched place :)

  2. Congrats to your son in his good grades :-). I always see this one in ATC but we never tried it pa maybe if My Little kulit become 6 na

    1. Thanks! Closed na yung sa ATC kaya dumayo pa kami sa Market Market.

  3. Wow! Laser tag! It looks so awesome. I have been wanting to experience this for the longest time.

  4. Wow congrats to your son mommy, mas lalong mag aral ng mabuti yan kasi mayreward hahaha! meron din kaya nyan dito sa q.c?

  5. Wow, this looks cool! We have a Lazer thingy here in CDO too but we have never tried it. Perhaps when the kids are a bit older. :)

  6. Congratulations! Our kids are truly our pride no? Galing and he deserves a reward :)

  7. This place looks cool! I'm sure your kid enjoy his reward. Congrats!