October 27, 2015

Birthday Staycation at The Manila Hotel

A month before my son’s birthday, I’ve been searching and inquiring in different hotels and resort where we could celebrate his 7th birthday. We even went to Philippine Travel Mart just to check for promos and discounts. Fortunately, we found a good deal in The Manila Hotel and we booked a Superior Deluxe room. Finally, the search is over. 

The Manila Hotel is not just an ordinary hotel, because it is rich in history, considered a Philippine landmark and home to high society. It was the year 1898 when Judge William Howard Taft ordered to create an urban plan for Manila. Daniel Hudson Burnham drafted the plan and William Parsons continue the work of Burnham in the year 1908. After four years, The Manila hotel was opened in 1912.

I’ve been to Manila Hotel when I attended my ex-boyfriend now husband oath-taking after passing his board exam. It’s been a decade so I was really excited for our staycation. We packed our things and went to the hotel. 

While walking to the entrance door, we were immediately welcomed by their staff, picked up our luggage and placed it in the scanner. Amazing, parang airport lang ang hotel. The lobby was so grand and even the uniform of the staff was so elegant, it seems that we were transported in Spanish era. 

We went to the reception and showed our confirmation letter. We thought there was a problem with our reservation but we were surprised that they upgraded us to Luneta Suite. We paid P4000 for an incidental deposit.

My husband informed them that it was my son’s birthday and the complimentary cake was delivered to our room. Not just a slice but a whole cake. I love Manila Hotel. 

When we entered the room, my son immediately asked, “where’s the bed?” because it was his first time to stay in a suite room so he did not see the bed when we opened the door. Let’s have a tour.

With welcome fruits, complimentary water, coffee, and tea.
With office supplies such as ballpen, pencil, ruler, eraser, marker, stapler, staple, tape, and stationary
There are flat tv and mini fridge inside the cabinet (in front of the sofa)
Vanity table with blower, flat tv is inside the cabinet
Beside the bed is an iPhone dock charger/speaker
The bathroom is divided into three sections, sink and bathtub, dressing room and toilet.

At 4PM, we went to the swimming pool, it was not big compared to other hotels but it was good enough because there is a minibar in the pool, just like in Acuatico

They immediately served 3 glasses of water, gave us a menu if we want to order and towels were delivered in our nook. My son and husband were in the pool so I ordered Puto Bumbong P221.40 while waiting for them. Yummy!

We went back to our room and we saw two small boxes of chocolate. We decided to order food because we don’t want to go out anymore. Checking the room service menu was not easy because everything is expensive. Hehehe! Good thing my husband was not hungry since we had late lunch at Harbor View. We ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and Robot (Children’s All Day Dining Menu) 

We were surprised when they delivered the food because everything was set up in a table. Unlike in other hotels, meals were placed on a food tray. 

Spaghetti Carbonara P520 + SC - egg, parmesan, pecorino, pancetta, olive oil pepper. 
Robot P320 + SC - Six inches size pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, bacon and ham. 

The pasta and pizza were delicious so sulit na kahit mahal.

Cafe Ilang Ilang 

Of course, the most exciting part of the staycation is a free buffet breakfast and I was so excited because I’ve read a lot of good reviews in Cafe Ilang-Ilang and it did not disappoint me. The saddest part is my son is no longer free, waah! P724.99 is the kid’s rate and P1450 for the adult rate.

There were a lot of food choices, forgive me for not having a lot of photos because I was busy eating. The rate is expensive but you will understand because they are not just serving ordinary breakfast meals. They even have turkey for breakfast. 

Since we have a “Little Chef” party theme, my husband request for a photo with the chef. 

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Watch the video of Lunch Buffet at Cafe Ilang llang
Dinner Buffet at Cafe Ilang Ilang


1. I love the service from the entrance, swimming pool, room service and restaurant. You will really feel that you are in a luxury hotel. 

2. They upgraded us to Suite and we really enjoyed our stay in the Luneta Suite room. The room and bathroom are big. 
3. When we informed them that it was my son’s birthday, they said that they will try to give a complimentary cake. So we were surprised that the cake was delivered several minutes after we entered our room. It was not just a slice of cake but a whole cake. 
4. I love the facilities and amenities of the hotel. 
5. My son loves their bidet. He called it the toilet machine. 

6. Free Wifi


1. They need to improve the bed, old bed may spring pa yata sa ilalim. :)

2. I don’t know if I’m wrong but I did not see any playhouse so aside from pool, there is no more activity for my son. 

Overall, we really had a memorable birthday experience at The Manila Hotel. We don’t have any regrets in choosing this hotel for my son’s 7th birthday celebration

The Manila Hotel 

One Rizal Park, 0913, 
Manila, Philippines, 
Telephone: 632 527 0011
Fax: 632 527 5348


  1. I have been once there for our oath taking. I agree, super mahal. But Manila Hotel is one of the hotel I want to have a staycation one day. :)

  2. How nice, sana next year makapunta din ako jan if God willing kung makapasa ng board exam ang hubby ko :) Yeah expected na talaga na super mahala ng food nila jan kahit sa ibang hotel ganun din, but you look guys had a great fun, di naman mababayaran ng pera ang experience at happiness experienced ng family ninyo.

  3. Manila Hotel looks relaxing and fun place for staycation and birthday celebrations. The complimentary cake is pretty amazing- whole cake talaga and it looks so good pa and of course free wifi. Best thing was your kids enjoyed his birthday.

  4. Me and fiance wanted to have a staycation in any hotels after the wedding. We just want to sit and rest after the event and this post makes me think of going to Manila Hotel. Btw, can you disclose how much is the fee and what are the amenities that comes with it? Thanks

    1. I got the Superior De Luxe room at P6k during Philippine Travel Expo. It includes complimentary buffet breakfast for 2, welcome fruits, daily newspaper and complimentary use of outdoor pool and health club facilities (gym, sauna and jacuzzi). You may check the website or call the hotel for on going promo. :)

  5. I went to Philippine Travel Mart also for my boss, pero hindi ko nakita Manila Hotel I want to stay din dun :-). You are lucky for the upgrade and yes mahal talaga room service

    1. Hindi ganu halata yung booth nila, may table and chairs lang tapos di namimigay ng flyers unless lapitan mo sila.

  6. Happy birthday to your son. I agree with you, there should be a play area for the kids. :)

  7. I was probably small when i visited this hotel with my family,And it is fun,Do you know why?Our room has bath tub with a TV on it.lol The cafe was good,I ordered the pancake.and it was Delish,(I have to use my napkin in my neck.lol) I was having fun in the swimming pool.But there is somehting a problem in the back of it,Alot of trash is been scattered by water.

  8. I've always wanted to try Manila Hotel pero mahal kasi, haha! I hope one day we can try it. Was there a couple of times to sing at two different events- kaya natikman ko ang good food (though not breakfast buffet).

    1. Nakakuha lang kami ng discount sa travel expo kaya nakapag Manila Hotel kami. :) Masarap buffet nila, ang dami choices.