January 22, 2016

Caring for your Vision

Not a lot of people know that I’m wearing eyeglasses because I don’t always wear my eyeglasses especially when I’m going out because I’m not comfortable with it.

I started wearing eyeglasses when I was in college, I feel and look so old if I’m wearing it so I only use it if I need to read or take an exam. When I started working, I only use it at work then after office hours, I will remove it. When I became a full-time mom, I only wear it if I will read or use the laptop. Yeah, I’m so weird about not wearing my eyeglasses, I tried contact lenses but I’m also not comfortable wearing it. And there are so many do’s and don’ts to follow.

I know that I need to have an annual check-up but I did not put it on my priority list. I have always been in the hospital for my check-up and lab test (psoriasis or UTI) and sawang sawa na ko to go to different doctors so pati itong sa ophtha, kinatamaran ko na. I always say to myself, I will go to ophtha next year but it never happened for the last several years. I’m definitely sure that going to my ophtha is an additional expense that is why I’m delaying it.

Wake Up Call

I mentioned before that my son is now wearing eyeglasses and I told him, always wear your eyeglasses ha!. But my son asked me. “How about you mommy, why are you not wearing your eyeglasses?” Toinks! It was a wake-up call that I’m not a good role model. How I can convince my son to wear his eyeglasses if he sees his mom not wearing eyeglasses. So after 8 long years, I finally went to Ophtha. I asked my friend for a referral so after watching my son’s Grade Level Assembly, off we went to Eye Clinic.


There are different tests that I’ve experienced like visual acuity test and refraction testing to know my correct lens prescription. I was advised that my eyeglasses no longer fit my eyes. The doctor showed me my present grade (eyeglasses) and asked me if I can see or read the letters. Imagine, blurred lahat. From 100 and 25, now 175 and 100 na grado ko. Ang laki ng tinaas dahil ang tigas ng ulo ko.

Then she passed me to Glaucoma-Ophthalmologist, the assistant drop fluid in my eyes, anesthesia daw, I'm not sure if for glaucoma testing. I was advised that my eyes are ok, I just need to use the correct lens para di sumakit ulo ko and she prescribed eye drop to prevent dry eyes. Then I need to go back after one year.

So lesson learned, take care of your eyes. It took me a long time to realize that my eyes are very important to me, kailangan ko pa ba mapanood ang “Ningning”. I just remembered that my late grandfather is blind, natakot na agad ako.

A regular eye exam is very important in order to know if you have signs of getting glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and especially if you have a family history of eye problems. We have eye problems in our family, both sides, halos lahat nakaeyeglasses.

Lastly, there are different lens na pala noh. I just discovered it when my son had eye check-up so nakiuso na rin ako. I’m now using a Crizal Prevencia Lens. It is a lifelong benefit of eye protection against harmful blue light and UV.

The Complete Protection 

For your eyes: UV
For your vision: reflection, scratches, smudges, dust, and water.

Crizal Prevencia Lens 

1. Repels water
2. Resists smudges
3. Anti-reflection
4. Resist scratches 92x more scratch-resistant
5. Repels dust
6. Harmful blue light protection. Reduced risk of AMD
7. Light scan technology. Protects against harmful blue light.

Read: Crizal Eyezen Complete Proctection


  1. I used to wear glasses. Now I wear contact lenses but I also plan to have a pair of glasses as a good alternative. Will check out Crizal.

    1. Crizal Prevencia is nice because we are expose to gadgets.

  2. Ekk! I feel you. I used to not wear my glasses because I was uncomfortable and shy. Now that I'm older, my eye's grade went up and I have to wear glasses. We really need to take care of our vision. I'm glad you finally went to see an ophthalmologist. :)

    1. Yes, it is very important to take care of our eyes.

  3. Aw, I didn't wear any kind of eye glasses, and okay pa naman ang vision ko so far.

  4. I think this is also a wake-up call for me. It has been years when my last visit to an optometrist for my eyeglasses. pareho tayo, hindi ko din sinusuot, kapag medyo may nararamdaman lang din ako sa mata ko - parang nasisilaw or sumasakit ulo ko.

    1. You should go to ophtha too so they could check if you have other eye problems. :)