January 05, 2016

What Happened Last Month?

December is a month when everybody was super busy, there are gift lists that needs to finish, gifts that need to be wrapped and there are parties from left and right. That’s why December is not my favorite month because I feel so tired. So this year, I’m planning to buy gifts as early as possible, dapat as early as November tapos na gift list ko. :) 

My plan of buying gifts last APEC holiday did not push through because my husband was in Singapore, so sayang ang holiday. Then my mom decided to go home for vacation so my three consecutive weekends were reserved for her so I have no time to finish my gift list. Good thing I started buying gifts online as early as November pero few days before Christmas, bumibili pa rin ako. It was stressful because of the traffic and crowd in the mall. 

Despite the stress, my December is still a happy month because I was able to attend different parties. So what happened last month.... 

December 12 

My mom was home so she planned an early Christmas get together. It was something new because it’s been years since we had family reunion. Though we were not complete but we had fun. 

December 18 

This is my son’s Christmas party in school but parents are not allowed to join anymore so after accompanying my son in their classroom, we went home. But I was glad that my husband was able to make it even he has few hours of sleep from his business trip. 

We fetched our son after the party because he has an appointment with pedia-dentist. Then we went to my husband’s office because he needs to get something and off we went to Sambokojin-Megamall for my get together with college friends. 

While feasting with my friends, my husband and son watched “Star Wars”. They were supposed to watch “The Good Dinosaurs” but it is no longer showing, sayang di nila naabutan yung last show. It’s been two years since the last time I’ve seen my friends so I did not have time to take a lot of photo for food review. It was time for eating and chatting. 

December 19 

Christmas party with my mommy friends, it was raining hard that time but rain or shine tuloy ang party. I prepared some party games, thank God for Pinterest so I just printed Christmas Bingo, Christmas Word Scramble, Christmas Guessing Game and I made a Pin the Nose of Rudolph

December 20 

Christmas party in our village but I did not join anymore. But I won a Noche Buena Package, thanks to my friend for getting my raffle ticket and prize.

December 24 

Christmas get together with my husband’s family. I cooked my easy to prepare dish because I only have few hours to prepare for Christmas lunch. I ordered lasagna, prepared fruit salad, cooked lechon kawali, roasted chicken and salted egg buttered shrimp. 

December 25 

We went to Taal Vista Hotel for breakfast buffet and mass. I will share it in a separate post. 

December 27

We had a day trip in Canyon Cove, the resort was fully booked but I was glad that they still accept day tripper. Unfortunately the entrance fee is already P1000 (P300 consumable) per adult and P500 (P200 consumable) for kids.

December 31 

There was a Block Party in our neighborhood while waiting for New Year’s Eve. It was raining pero tuloy pa rin ang party. Hehehe! 

That’s it!


  1. I have to agree that December is one of the busiest months. Kabi-kabila ang Christmas Party.
    Though there are long holidays, we preferred staying at home.

  2. Super busy last month! Ngayon ko nga lang nabasa to.. Happy New Year sis! Thanks for all the wonderful commex last year. :D

    1. I've been in hiatus last month kasi, hehehe! Happy new year!

  3. That was a good one to wind up the year! ;) Looking forward to your Taal Vista post...

  4. Christmas indeed, is the happiest time of all! Can't wait for December.

  5. I agree, same here super busy din kami sa subrang busy daming pending post. hahahhah!

  6. Reunion tsaka Christmas party. Sana December na ulit! :D

  7. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of thr year :)

  8. December is really a busy month.Looks like a lot of happenings! Lucky you for winning the noche buena package :)

  9. So many parties and events last Christmas. I must have been very memorable and fun!

  10. That was pretty eventful! I love the holidays and look forward to it all year long!

  11. I love Decembers. What I don't like about it is that it can be such a pressure, hehe. Happy New Year Mommy Mich!

  12. same here sis, I had a busy December and now pa lang trying to catch up with all pending posts