January 28, 2016


I lived in the Metro Manila for so long so there were so many adjustments when I moved to the province when I got married. Malls and restaurants are very limited. Malls here are not big. 

In our place alone, the only fastfood here are Jollibee and Tropical Hut. As in for years yun lang pagpipilian so I was really happy when I learned that we have Classic Savory and Shakey’s here.

Two weeks ago, we’re hungry and we have no food in the house so I asked my husband to buy pizza for our merienda. He did not know the number and we had not so good experience with Shakey’s Delivery so we decided to go to the restaurant na lang.

We ordered Mojo’s and Dip and Pizza, I did not know na pwede pala yung half-half. Sometimes, it really pays to peruse the menu. My son likes pepperoni kasi and di ko naman siya trip so win-win yung half-half. Hehehe! 

P15 for gravy

The staff was offering Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard but we were still contemplating if we will get a card again.  


After a week, my friend and I went to Shakey’s to have our lunch before going to the bank. We asked for the lunch set menu and I was surprised to see the menu, our favorite “Bunch of Lunch”(chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, a slice of Hawaiian Delight and Mojos) was no longer there. 

All combo meals have salad, We ordered the 2 Super Platter Meal, Mojo’s and Dip and Rice. The meal includes two slices of Hawaiian Delight, one piece chicken, mojos, chicken and corn soup and garden fresh salad, spaghetti and garlic bread.

They served the mojo’s and dip and soup first. It took them a long time to serve the platter meal and kulang kulang pa, so no picture yung garlic bread and pizza. 

I do hope they will bring back the bunch of lunch set or kulang lang kaya yung nabigay sa min na menu? Any idea?


  1. i miss the bunch of lunch too. but it's been years since we've started ordering the Deal 1 for my kids. super sulit for them kasi. so far i'm loving their branch at SM Bacoor and definitely haven't experienced any bad services from that.

  2. Bunch of Lunch were our choice during our "ligaw" days haha. I usually forego fastfood na with the fam cuz a lot of times, it is not sulit. Like the picture is wayy yummier than the actual food na