March 08, 2016

Run for Hungry Minds

I’m not really into sports and I’m so lazy to exercise so when my husband told me that he will join fun run, I said ok, magpicture na lang ko. Then he decided to include my son so I bought running shorts last week. Two days before the fun run, he said ‘’niregister na rin kita”. Waah! "The family that runs together stays together" lang ang peg. 

Most of the time I just stay in the house, ni walking-walking nga wala ko e, then tatakbo pa ko ng 5k run. He said, pwede naman half lang. Ok fine! As if I have a choice pa. I’ll just think that I can help someone because they pledge to donate PHP 150 to Food for Hungry Minds School for each participant who completes the loop (PHP 60 per km run). 

So we woke up early last Sunday and my husband was teasing me nung nilabas ko running shoes ko. It looks new pa kasi, syempre naman mga 3x ko pa lang yata nagamit. Hahaha! 

My husband got our race kit on the day of the event. Honestly, I’m not really prepared for this event so most of the time, nagwalk lang kami mag-ina. Hehehe! 

At first, my son was complaining, “Mommy, this is not funny!” (antok pa kasi). Hehehe! There is no fun in Fun Run ba? But after several minutes, he enjoyed walking and running. 

We did 2.5km and my husband finished the 5km run. 

My warm-up and cool down pa but still my body was in pain until Monday. Nagising ang natutulog kong muscles. lol Do you also join fun run?


  1. Congratulations on your first fun run Mitchi. I still run but I now prefer the longer categories. I do have a daughter who has gotten comfortable finishing 10K races. She is now 17 years old and has autism.

    The reason why your body will hurt is because it has gotten accustomed to being sedentary. But if you allow some time for exercise at least during weekends, it will make you feel light and strong. Even brisk walking for 30 minutes very early in the morning does wonders and that is usually being advised by doctors for people who have a sedentary life.

    All the best to you & your family.

    1. Wow, you love running. I'm not sure if I can finish 5k, how much more 10k. Kudos to your daughter. I'll try that 30 minutes of walking. :) Thanks!

  2. It was at least a good quality time spent with your hubby and your son. Good job in finishing at least half of the target! That's really amazing for someone who doesn't normally run!

  3. We have the same feeling! Pupunta ako sa fun run just to take pictures.... But then, I decided not to do that to because they might force me to run! My husband and son are not into this to, so okay with me! Anyway, think of this positively... This is a good step for a healthy lifestyle which we all need!

  4. This is one of my dreams talaga-joining the fun run. But I need to prepare myself first and shed some pounds.