March 15, 2016

Shrimp Bucket

We went to Artist Madhouse last Sunday while my husband stayed in UP Town Center while waiting for us (my son and I). I called my husband to pick us up and we went back to UP Town Center because I have never been there.

It was time for lunch and we immediately went to Shrimp Bucket, if you remember my post before. My husband ate here and he liked the shrimp with salted egg. I tried to cook it at home and we all loved it, sabaw pa lang ulam na. I always served it if we have a get-together at home. Click here to see the recipe

We waited for several minutes because no available table yet inside, the staff already asked for our order while waiting. We ordered Shrimp P560 and chose Salty Eggsperience for the special sauce per pound. Other sauces are The Mardi Gras, Coco-SOL (South of Luzon), Frenchy Lemon Pepper, The Spaniard, and Coco-curry. My son ordered Plain Salted Chicken Wings P225 and extra rice at P40 each

The placemat is big white paper that covers the whole table, they serve the chicken wings first which is tender, juicy, and crunchy. 

The Shrimp Salty Eggsperience was served in a plastic bag, I tried it and it was good but I prefer my Salted Egg Shrimp. So hindi pala ko binobola ng asawa ko na mas masarap daw yung luto ko. Lol. Ok love your own. If ever I’ll go back, I will try the other specialty sauces.

Read: Salted Egg Shrimp Recipe

While eating, I asked my husband why other people have bib bakit kami wala, he checked the other diners and sabi niya baka by request. Ganun,? Dapat automatic na yun, I did not ask for bib anymore at patapos na rin kami kumain. 

After that, I saw J.Co Donuts and wala pila so I bought a dozen of doughnut. Our favorite is Alcapone and I added Chocomaltine, Coco Loco and Jacky Chunk. 


  1. I agree with you, dapat yung bib automatic na for eating convenience. The food looks good, especially the donut. Thanks for sharing Sis

  2. Wow!! Its near out place. Would love to check this out :)

  3. need to try this one, my mom loves shrimp :-)

  4. For how many people yung sang bucket? we would definitely love to try this. My dad has been asking to eat there pero lagi hindi natutuloy. Maybe this weekend the husband and I can have our cheat meal there. hehe thanks for sharing your experience!


    1. 1 order is good for 2 persons.

      Bags by Pound

      Shrimp P560
      Mussels P350
      Crabs (per 100g) P160

      Then choose your special sauce.

  5. We had been to UP Town Center a couple of times but never been to this restaurant. The Shrimp Salty Eggsperience looks good I love to try this out in the future.