March 16, 2016

Artist Madhouse: Arts for Wellness

My son is into arts, he likes to draw and paint so I was not surprised at all when he joined Art Club in school. At first, I was persuading him to join the Kab Scout so he will learn life skills but of course, he will be the one to decide his own club. 

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Mommy Bloggers Philippines had an opportunity to have 2-hour primer session at Artist Madhouse last Sunday. I know that QC is far from where we live but because my son loves to draw and paint, I said yes to the invitation. 

About Artist Madhouse 

"Artist Madhouse is a place of expression without the fear of being judged, as they believe, is a liberating feeling that brings happiness and meaning to our lives. 

Jem Benzon and Carolyn Tongco are Expressive Art Meditation Facilitators from Artist Madhouse. Their experience as artists, volunteers, church workers and enthusiasts of Filipino culture developed their passion for using expressive art to help people. They graduated with honors with degree in Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila."

Jem and Carol were there to welcome and explain to us the Artist Madhouse workshops. They have two workshops, one for kids and one for adults. 

Expressive Art and Creative Play 

"Expressive Art and Creative Play is a holistic program that empowers your child to learn in an encouraging and supportive environment. Through the expressive arts, your child is encouraged to experiment creatively, leading to discovery of new knowledge. Play, being the language of children, fosters healthy interaction with others, enhancing your child’s social skills as well."

The theme is “Superhero in Me” and they started with superhero play. The team has a secret mission to solve, they need to work together and get the fruit. Kids were very happy because when they opened the fruit, there were so many candies. 

They were also given a blank robot puppet and art materials to create their own superhero and superhero in their lives. While kids are busy doing their own artwork, mommies transferred to a different room to experience Expressive Art Meditation. 

Expressive Art Meditation

Expressive Art Meditation has helped a lot of people find healing, confidence to face everyday challenges, and be empowered to solve their life problems. We were given illustration board and art materials. 

The session started with guided meditation where you free your mind and body from any disturbance. Then art making, you can do anything you want with the illustration board. Lastly, reflect and share your artwork or experiences. It was a short session but it was a nice experience because you were able to express your thoughts through artwork. 

So if you are facing challenges in your life, you are stress with your work or currently at the crossroad, you can try Expressive Art Meditation. It will give you time to reflect, reassess and express your thoughts. 

After our session, we went back to the kids rooms where they had puppet show. They make and tell their own story, it was really good seeing the kids sharing their own story, kahit di ko gaano gets ang story ng anak ko pero at least he was sharing his own story. Hehehe! 


If you are interested to join their workshop, visit their website

Expressive Art Meditation is P1500 per session, it includes high quality canvas, various art materials in your very own art kit, limited edition handmade designed journals and you can bring home your artwork.

Expressive Art and Creative Play includes all the materials for 6 sessions Child’s progress report at the end of the series, a photo documentation of your child during the workshop, certificate at the end of the workshop and meaningful and enjoyable experience for your child 

Who can join: Ages 7-9 years old 

Venue: Mulberry Kids Preschool in Pasig City. 
5,000.00 PHP per child for 6 sessions
1,000.00 PHP per child for one session


  1. You are so lucky your kids have the chance to be exposed to sessions like this! Grab the chance!!!

  2. I remember I used to enrol my son to summer art classes and he didn't continue this. But, it was the traditional style. Maybe, if the classes were as exciting as this, maybe he might have continued with his art classes....

  3. Wow this is soo awesome. I wish to be more artistic in life. Hahaah good job to ur baby!