March 24, 2016

Summer Food: DIY Halo-Halo

A few weeks ago, I ran out of ink in our printer and I need to print something. I have no choice but to go to the nearest computer shop. Not really near because it is a loooooong walk. On our way to the computer shop, my son was already complaining.

Ethan: Init, Mommy may sunburn na ko o. (while checking his shoulder)

Hmmm... Sunburn, 10 bahay pa lang naman ang nalalagpasan namin. Hehehe! #maypayongnaman

It was really hot, tiis lang talaga. On our way home I saw halo-halo kiosk and bought halo-halo for my son. P25 per cup and I was so disappointed kasi puro pinipig at gulaman lang, di ko na makita yung ibang ingredients na nilagay sa konti, but my son enjoyed it. 

Last Saturday, I saw this Florence Halo-Halo Mix P154.95 at the grocery. The bottle includes nata de coco, kaong, monggo, few beans, buko strip, langka and 1 slice of banana. As in literal na isang piraso lang. Lol. 

I told hubby na maghalo-halo kami so we bought 1 bag of crashed ice P40 before going home. I was happy because we can eat halo-halo na hindi tipid sa ingredients. Good thing that I still have leftover sweet saba. 

We had fun eating our DIY halo-halo, perfect for summer weather and the crashed ice lasted for 20 hours so sulit.

Update: April 2021

I wish I can say "The heat never bothered me anyway" pero sa totoo lang, nakakadrain siya ng energy. Summer is here and ito na naman yung panahon na wish ko buong bahay naman may aircon pero good luck naman sa electricity. hehehe! So we just find comfort in drinking or eating ice cream, fruit shake and other frozen dessert.

We seldom buy halo-halo kasi ayaw ko ng tipid sa ingredients and milk so mas gusto ko yung DIY Halo-Halo. Since we are restricted in our home, my husband is busy with work and I'm not allowed to go out again, I just ordered online. For the past few years, I tried Florence and CDO brand for our halo-halo and this is the first time I heard about Kayumanggi brand. Medyo mas mahal ng konti pero I got 15% voucher and free shipping voucher so sulit na. They have other ingredients pero ito lang binili ko kasi ito lang naman gusto ko sa halo-halo. 

Halo-Halo Ingredients

It was hard to look for shaved iced so yung cube iced na lang binili ni hubby and nagblender pa kami para lang maging pino. I added my homemade sweet saba na lang para complete na. We've been eating halo-halo since Saturday and marami pa ingredients. 


  1. Oi. I better checked that halo-halo mix bottle in the grocery next time, and DIY also the halo-halo at home :-)

  2. It's really hot na and this is a good idea kasi mahal na din halo-halo hehe. Mas tipid pero di tipid sa lasa, hehe. Makabili nga ng ingredients hehe.

    1. Super agree sa "mas tipid pero di tipid sa lasa". hehehe!

  3. I am craving for halo-halo again. This is a perfect cooler this summer.