October 14, 2016

School Field Trip

Two months ago, I received a letter about my son’s field trip and he was hesitant to join because of the no chaperone policy. Last year, he did not join the Field Trip so now, I persuaded him to join kasi sayang naman ang bayad. The Educational Trip fee is included in the tuition so whether you join or not, they will not refund the payment. 

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I was able to persuade my son but when he agreed, I felt nervous because this is the first time that my son will go on a trip without chaperone. Sa dami ng nangyayari sa bansa, I cannot help but be a paranoid mom. One week before the trip, I bought cellphone for my son so I can call or text him.

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But few days before September 9, they canceled the Field Trip because of the Davao Bombing incident. There are so many bomb threats during that time so just to be sure, they moved the schedule. 

Fast forward to yesterday, I took a bath and my son asked me, 

Ethan: Mommy, why are you not wearing pambahay? 

Me: I will go with you and daddy sa school. 

We went to school for my son’s Field Trip. Like I said before, I’m such a paranoid mom so I asked my husband to file a vacation leave so we can follow our son. Bawal chaperone pero pwede naman magconvoy. Hehehe! 

Itinerary for the day: 


Philippine Science Centrum 
Manila Boystown 

First stop is PHILVOCS, I thought we were so late because we cannot see the bus on the road. Yun pala, mas nauna pa kami nakarating sa bus. And because I was early, I was able to take pictures of the lobby.

They allowed us to enter, maybe because there is no entrance fee in PHIlVOCS. So I was able to watch the video about volcanic eruption, earthquake and tsunami. The videos are very informative, kids will know what are they going to do if there will be a disaster. 

Actually, my son was surprised when I called him at PHILVOCS, he did not notice that I was standing in front of him. He has no idea that we will follow him. Hehehe! S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!!!!!!!

Ethan: Why are you here?

Next stop is Science Centrum, we have visited this place when my son was 2 years old. This is the first field trip that he joined, it was his cousin’s field trip and pwede magsama ng buong pamilya basta magbayad. Lol. We’re not allowed to go inside so no picture, hanggang labas lang ako. 

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Entrance Fee

Students and Adults: P130 maximum stay of 1.5 hrs. P60 extra hour thereafter 

Senior Citizen with ID: 50% off
Teacher with ID: Free 

My husband and I took our lunch while waiting for our son. When my son went out, we told him that we will meet him in MOA. We will not go to Manila Boystown anymore. If you remember my post yesterday, I have a problem with Paypal so I need to go to the bank to deposit my payment. 

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And because of that, we’re so early in MOA. We paid our bills, we ate at Paper Moon Tokyo Cafe and napagod na kami sa pag-ikot wala pa rin anak ko. I was texting and calling him but he was not answering. Napaparanoid na naman ang lola niyo. I felt relieved when I saw the bunch of kids walking to Exploreum. Akala ko naiwan na sa boystown anak ko. Hehehe! 

Again, hanggang labas lang kami but few minutes before the time. Pinapasok na kami ng guard hanggang dito lang. Hehehe! So I was able to take a picture and video of this. Then I saw my son na, uwian na

Honestly, nakakapagod magconvoy. Parang paparazzi lang ako na buntot ng buntot at picture ng picture pag nakikita ko anak ko. But at least, I have peace of mind that my son is safe. #paranoidmom 

Maybe next year, I will not follow him anymore. Maybe... just maybe ... hehehe!

My son went home with 200ml Safeguard Body Wash and pin. Freebies at Exploreum. 


  1. Grabe, I understand the paranoia kasi iba na talaga panahon ngayon! At least your son still doesn't mind you chaperoning him.

    1. He said, I don't need to follow him next year. hehehe!

  2. Malapit na din fieldtrip ni Matt. They allow chaperone but not convoy, hehe. I will go with him.

    1. Wow, good for you! Nakakapagod kaya magconvoy. Doble gastos pa. hehehe!

  3. I love this place. I once took all my students here, they really enjoyed it.

  4. Uy, obvious that Ethat had fun o! Ang ganda naman dito, very educational, no? Sana madala ko rin si Nate dito one day. hehe.

  5. I will do the same thing siguro no, I'm also paranoid when it comes to my kids whereabouts. The place looks really nice, clean, and perfect for field trip talaga. Thanks for sharing Sis,:)