Monday, October 17, 2016

Paper Moon Cafe

We were in SM Mall Of Asia last Thursday because we were following our son. He has Field Trip on that day and since chaperone is not allowed, we just followed him. 

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Their last stop is Exploreum in SM MOA, we were so early so my husband and I decided to eat merienda first. We saw Paper Moon Tokyo so we paid a visit.

I’ve been seeing raves and positive reviews of this dessert online. Since it was our first time, it took us so long to choose a flavor. The staff was recommending matcha but I dislike matcha. Ending, we just ordered one Mango Mille Crepe P350 and Hot Americano P100

Mango Mille Crepe is different from the usual crepe that we eat, it is layers of thin crepe, cream and fruit filling turned into a cake. It is an eye candy and you know that it is not easy to assemble this. Maybe that is the reason why this dessert is not cheap. 

The dessert is very light, the layers of crepe are not sweet, the cream is not sweet and the mango filling is not sweet too. Waah! Ano ba ito kinakain namin? I was expecting the mangoes to be sweet but no, it tastes bland and may part na overripe. 

The Mille Crepe is good but if I will consider the price, I think it is not worth it. I don’t spend P450 for merienda only. Well, charge it to experience but if you have the budget, why not. 

Paper Moon Tokyo Cafe
G/F 101 SM MOA 
Galleon Wing J


  1. when i saw the cake display my first thought was Lady M (a cafe in Singapore selling Mille Crepes and also a vanilla-choc checker cake that look exactly like what's in your photo! What a coincidence! Thought I'm not really a huge fan of mille crepe, i find that (after tasting a few) they always tend to taste light when we're eating it. But the horror only sank in after we've polished the entire slice off, like: omg, i add all those layers of cream! But an indulgence once in a while is definitely worth it!

    1. According to OAP blog, "Paper Moon Cafe of Tokyo is a specialty cake place by Madame Emy Wada of NYC and HK's Lady M fame". So the Mille Crepe looks the same. :)

  2. We have a cafe here selling Mille Crepes too called Nadeje.. this one looks just as good and hearing you describe it is enough to make my mouth water... huhuhu..... now I want to go have some for myself....

    1. Nice to know that Mille Crepe is all over the world. :)

  3. I saw a branch in SM Fairview. I was hesitant to try it because I found the prices a bit expensive. Good thing I came across your blog post. I'll veer away from the Mille Crepe. There were sime chocolate confections so I'll have a go at that maybe.


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