February 08, 2017

How to Organize a Fishing Vacation for a Group

I love nothing more than taking photos of my travels, not only do they provide wonderful memories for me to look at later on down the years, but it also gives me a chance to snap some of the finest landscapes around the globe. Whenever possible I like to combine my 3 loves into one, fishing, traveling, and photography, and each year I try to organize a trip for me and my friends to head off on a vacation where we can fish to our heart’s content, and of course, take photos whilst doing so.

Organizing a fishing trip can be a little testing and if you want to put a tour together for you and your fishing friends then here are some tips on doing so.

Go Professional 

When it comes to actually heading out on the water to your chosen destination then I would absolutely recommend hiring a tour company to help you out. We went to Miami last year and without using one of the Miami fishing charters group options then we would never have been able to get to the best fishing spots. It was the first time that I have used a charter for the group and I will be doing so again this year, why bother trying to find the best places to fish when there are companies out there who have fished there all their lives, pay the money and go with the pros. 

Get The Money 

First When people commit to joining your fishing expedition it is vital that you get the money from them before you book up. A couple of years ago I made a group booking on my credit card and trusted that everyone who said that they wanted to go, would do so. Come the eleventh hour and 3 people dropped out before they had paid, this left me with the unenviable task of trying to find others to fill the space or risk losing a great deal of money. I was lucky enough to find a few more people who can take the spots but ever since then I have learned to get the money from people before going. 

Book and Plan, Nothing More 

If you are organizing a fishing trip for a group then don’t take on every ounce of the responsibility, I have learned over the years that you should simply find the destination, book the fishing tours, flights and hotels and then let everyone fend for themselves. Too many times when abroad people would be asking me what was on the agenda for the next day or what restaurant we would be eating at. You are the planner of the main events and nothing more, make this clear to the group and once you are on tour, their free time is exactly that, theirs. 

These are just a few things that I’ve learned throughout my time planning group fishing trips, I thoroughly enjoy doing it but there are certainly a few areas that you need to watch out for to ensure it is all smooth sailing, no pun intended.

This is a guest post, you can read my personal fishing adventure here: Fishing Adventure in Norway 

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