February 13, 2017

3 Days in Boracay

Boracay is a very popular tourist destination in the Philippines and it is always included in one of the best islands in the world. So it is no doubt that Filipinos and foreigners always visit this place. I’ve been meaning to visit Boracay for the longest time but I had a hard time booking a trip because I couldn’t score a seat sale.

Caticlan and Kalibo flight are very in demand during seat sale, good thing that I was able to book a promo flight via Zestair. As far as I can remember I only paid less than P2,500 for our roundtrip ticket (3 pax).

It’s been six years already since we went there and I hope we can revisit the island because our 3 days stay was not enough. We only had a one whole day to enjoy Boracay island because our day 1 and day 2 is our travel time from Manila to Boracay and vice versa.

Day 1 

From Kalibo Airport, it took us more or less three hours to reach Boracay white beach. We rode Southwest bus on our way to Caticlan, from jetty port we rode a boat to Boracay Island and tricycle ging to the white beach.

How to Get to Caticlan: 

Our trip was February 2011 so I'm pretty sure there is a big increase in the rate below. You can reach Boracay via Caticlan or Kalibo flight.

Caticlan Airport: you can walk or hire a tricycle to get to jetty port.
Kalibo Airport: you can either take a van or bus to get to jetty port.

Van rate: P200 Bus (Southwest or Island Star Express): P250
Jetty Port Boat pass: P30
Environmental fee: P75
Jetty Port Terminal Fee: P50

Going to the white beach, you can hire tricycle for P20/each or P100 special trip.

We stayed in Island Nook, it is located in Station 2 and near the highway so it is still a long walk to the beach. It offers modern basic accommodation with private CR. They have a restaurant too so just in case your hungry, you don’t need to go far.

After our tiring travel to Boracay Island, we decided to stay in our room after check-in. We just went out to the beach for our dinner.

Day 2 

There are so many things that you can do in Boracay and most people say that 3 days are not enough to enjoy the beach but we only have 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy Boracay. And because of our limited time we just enjoy the beach.

Enjoy the sun + sand + beach till sunset 

Visit D’Mall for pasalubong and souvenirs.

Mt. Luho Viewpoint

We have a son in tow so we could not do any water activities. We just visited Mt. Luho Viewpoint. Mt Luho Viewpoint is the tallest peak in Boracay so you can see the 360 view of the island.

After eating our lunch, we decided to go to Mt Luho via tricycle; the rate is P300 back and forth. I know that you can still haggle for the price but we forgot to do it. If you are an adventurous type, you can choose to go there via ATV or Buggy Car. The price may vary depending on the season. P400 for ATV and 800 for Buggy Car, it is for 1-hour ride.

Mt. Luho entrance fee: P50 

On our way back to the white beach, we passed by at Bulabog beach.

Food Trip in Boracay

There are so many restaurants in Boracay, it ranges from cheap to expensive one so it would not be hard for you to choose from. I have read so many blogs and forums about the must-try food and drinks in Boracay and here are some of the foods and drinks that we have tried during our stay.

Island Kebab 

We have stayed in Island Nook so we were able to try almost everything in their menu. The price is affordable and the taste is also good. But I did not like the taste of their Kebab. We have tried their Bangsilog, Trondzilog, Tocilog, French toast, Kebab and Kevins’ Bacon. Bambooze Buffet The tastes of the food and ice tea are all good. P240 buffet dinner/ pax Free bottomless ice tea 50% discount (children under 10)

Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar 

They say that this is the best milkshake in the island but I did not enjoy their shake considering the price of P90 + 10% service charge. The taste is good but I did not find anything special about it. We have tried banana choco peanut and tropical shake. We did not like the banana choco peanut shake but they said that it is their best seller. I have tried other shake in other stores for P50 which I like more.

Crazy Crepes 

I like crepes and I love crazy crepes. The price is P125 above, additional P25 if you want a scoop of ice cream.

Pancake House 

Dinner at Pancake House and we were so disappointed with the food and service. Ang tigas ng kanin.


Bought some foods before we leave for our baon (lunch at the airport).

Day 3 

We availed the one-way transfer of Island Nook so the van picked us up at the hotel. The travel is still the same, the only difference is may nag-aasikaso ng ticket namin. We were so early at the airport only to find out that our flight was canceled. Nasa South Korea pa daw ang plane namin. Waah! We stayed for almost half day in the airport, it is one of the moments that I don’t want to experience especially when you have a toddler in tow.

Now I know, why people keep coming back in Boracay, the beach is really beautiful. You can’t help but really fall in love with the place, very fine white sand and sky blue water. My 3 days stay is not really enough to enjoy the place. But I know that this will not be the last time, I will be back, hopefully soon.

Hubby revisited Boracay during their company team building and he experienced island hopping during his trip. And of course, I asked him to buy the famous calamansi cupcake at Real Coffee and Tea Cafe in Boracay.


  1. we have never been to Boracay, ever. What's with the Stations? Sorry, I'm that ignorant about it. I commonly read about how station one isn't very nice, so is station 2 a whole lot better? one of these days, i hope that we will be able to bring our children there and enjoy it as a family.

    1. The beach is long so it is divided in 3 stations, I prefer the beach in station 1. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience in Boracay to us. I enjoyed checking out the photos of your stay. I haven't been in Boracay yet but it will be in my plans in the future.

  3. Boracay will always be everyone's fave beach destination. Perhaps because of its white powdery sand? Or its hospitable locals? Much has changed but the place remains beautiful. So many establishments there now.