February 08, 2017

Weekend Bonding

We started our year in Sagada but after that trip, I noticed that we don’t have weekend getaway anymore. Most of the time we just stay at home since my husband is back to work. Our weekend bonding now is always errands, yes, paying bills and groceries. I’m not complaining but I’m looking forward to summer break so at least we could have a vacation. 

Before January ends, we went to Furniture Source Philippines to buy Kallax cabinet and then we dropped by at Wilcon and Alabang Town Center. We had lunch at Pepper Lunch, we ordered Big Ribeye Steak P660, Beef Pepper Rice P295, Miso Soup, Ice cream and drinks. 


I was a little bit disappointed because I ordered Big Ribeye Steak P660 and when they served the order, I was looking for the mashed potato and we were advised that they replaced the mashed potato with monggo sprouts because they don’t have mashed potato. They should inform us that there is no mashed potato, because that is the reason why I ordered Big Ribeye Steak. If it is not available, I will just order Pepper Steak.

And I’m not happy with my meat, it doesn’t look fresh. Look at the color, brown na ang kulay. Ang layo sa dati namin order. My husband ordered Miso Soup but it was not hot. This time, we’re not satisfied with our order. 

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Dinner at Pepper Lunch  

After lunch, we saw Dino Play at Alabang Town Center. We just took pictures outside and we did not let my son play. As usual, namamahalan ako sa ticket, hehehe! 

Have you visited Dino Play? Let me know if it is worth it.


  1. I hate it as well when the food attendant decides for me instead of asking me of my options. Weve tried Pepper Steak once or twice and I enjoyed how they serve their food.

    1. True, they should ask the customer first, ang laki rin ng difference ng price ng Pepper Steak and Big Rib Eye Steak.

  2. I'd be unhappy too kung sakin nangyari yun. At tsaka, expensive sya ha. Ako kasi kadalasan sa fastfood lang talaga bumibili kung sakaling kakain sa labas. Kaya if it's more than 200 per pax, namamahalan na ako. haha.

    1. Same here, pag fastfood namamahalan na ko sa P200+. Pero pag restaurant, I give consideration sa price but if I'm not satisfied, nakakadisappoint.