April 24, 2017

Bruholmen Friluftsomrade Norway

Bruholmen Friluftsomrade is located in Brekstad Norway, it is considered a recreational area where you can do different activities like walking, running, biking, kiting, and any activities that you will enjoy. 

This is the top view, photo source
It is a relaxing place because you can see farms, fjord, pine trees, and islet. If the weather is nice, some families have a picnic here. During low tide, you can pick crabs or shells. You can also swim during the summer months (June to August) but I haven’t tried that since the water is still too cold for me.

Just looking at the Trondheimsfjord view is already comforting, you can see different ferry boats sailing in the area. You can also do bird watching, it is nice to see different birds flying around. No need to go to the zoo because you can see birds and animals for free.  

My mom is lucky that this is just a few minutes walk away from her home. I can see part of this view from our room. The place is FREE too. On our third day, even the temperature is below zero degrees, we still went out to walk, as you can see roads are slippery because some parts have ice. My son enjoyed stepping on the icy spots, just to crack the ice. 

Watch the video here

Day 13

Even the weather is not nice, my mom still walks here and that’s what we did on Day 13. It is cold, windy, and rainy but she convinced us to walk outside. Living in a four seasons country, you have to force yourself to walk even the weather is cold or else, manghihina ka sa bahay. 

Day 20

When we first visited Norway, we experienced picking mussels at the shore and we cooked those mussels after. It was a nice experience so I told my mom that I want Ethan to experience it. But she said, til Easter lang daw nagpick ng mussels but we were in Røros that time. 

But after eating at Melissa, we went to Bruholmen to check if we can see mussels and crab but unfortunately, we did not see anything. Well, better luck next time.

Day 31, 32 and 33

My mom stayed in the hospital for five days and on Day 31 in Norway, she went home from the hospital. The doctor advised her to walk so off we to Bruholmen for our afternoon walk. So for three consecutive days, we were walking around the Bruholmen. The place is big, so paiba-iba din kami ng nilalakaran. 

At first, my mom was using staff so she can balance herself until she managed to walk without the staff. You can notice that some of the trees have leaves already. #springseason

I will miss Bruholmen when I go back to the Philippines because I can see part of this place from our room window. The mountain, sea, and flying seagulls. Watch the video here. 

Update: May 2019

We went back to Norway and of course, our summer vacation is not complete without visiting this place. There is a new improvement in this recreation area, they already built a grilling place and comfort room. 


  1. Ahhh! Grabe, ang linis pa ng Norway! Andami pang bakanteng lote (lote talaga, hehe). Dito sa Pilipinas, sobrang crowded na. Ganda ng lugar, nakakabigay peace of mind. :)

    1. True, ang daming bakanteng lote. 5 million plus lang kasi population nila compared sa 100M+ ng Pinas. hehehe!

  2. Such vast land with free birds and animals sight seeing. Ihihi. Surely you will miss the sight. I too would feel the same way if I have seen and experienced such beautiful site. And I havent seen a seagull yet. I used to have a fascination with seagulls after reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It's a story of a young yes seagull.

  3. Such a relaxing place. If there is a place like this in the Philippines and malapit lang din sakin, for sure aaraw arawin ko ang paglalakad dun. Parang ang sarap magmuni muni dyan while walking or jogging.