April 23, 2017

Bruholmen Friluftsomrade + Brekstad + Austrått Norway

My mom was back in Norway so she started touring us within the area. Yes, nauna kami dumating sa nanay ko. Hehehe! So for the first two days, we just stayed in the house and waited for our tour guide who is my mom. 

Bruholmen Friluftsomrade

I did not plan anything for this summer trip, I just let my mom decides where we are going since she lives in Norway for about 28 years so she knows the place. On our third day, after eating our breakfast we went to Bruholmen Friluftsomrade or Bruholmen in short. 

She lives in the county so she is lucky that this place is just a few minutes walk from her home. The place is good for walking, running, relaxing or sometimes if the weather is nice you can also have a picnic here with your family. You can see the farm, pine trees, and fjord.

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After our morning walk, we took a bath, and off we went to Brekstad for errands and groceries. My son was surprised because he learned that my mom can really drive a car. When we told him that Wowa drives a car in Norway, he doesn’t believe it immediately because my mom is not driving whenever she visits the Philippines. To see is to believe. Hehehe! 

Life here in Brekstad is very simple, you can go to different places in just a few minutes because there is no traffic. Workplaces, banks, supermarkets, and many more are within the area.

Malls are not that big but I was surprised when I saw the malls here because it is now big compared to the malls that I’ve seen before. We bought overall clothes for my son since we will be going to Røros for our Easter Staycation. Since it is Springtime, we had a hard time looking for thick overall, so even though my son doesn't like the color, we bought it. :)

Same in Japan, no bagger so you have to pack your own groceries.

Lunch with Family + Cemetery

It was my aunt’s second death anniversary so my mom prepared a simple lunch for the family and off we went to the cemetery.

The cemetery here in Norway is beside the church. 


Since the weather is nice we took advantage of it and we went straight to Austrått Fort. The fort was constructed by the German Wehrmacht to protect the Trondheimsfjord during World War II. I will create a separate post for this. Day 3 was a long day for us,

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  1. No traffic and cool weather. I like that combination.ang nakakamiss lng pag nandiyan minsan ay ying prang hinahanap hanap mo yung madaming tao katulad sa pinas. Haha pag tumagal na naghahanap ka na ng mga tao na mga naglalakad lakad kse parang ang lungkot tignan minsan. Haha

    1. No stress talaga sa traffic kaya okay ang buhay. True, bihira ka may makasalubong na tao. hehehe!

  2. Ganda ng lugar! The cemetery beside the church, ganun talaga set up sa lahat, sis? btw, mukhang carbon copy mo mom mo, sis! ♥

    1. So far lahat ng nakita ko na cemetery katabi ng church talaga. Hehehe! Marami nagsasabi na kamukha ko ng mom ko. :)

  3. Such great opportunity to go out of the country and celebrate with family. And what better way to celebrate life than being together and experience foreign places for the first time. The thrill is so obvious and that what makes the tour all worth it.

  4. Antay ka magsale ng sunglasses. I bought my prada shades for only 2k pesos. Bongga din mag sale dyan. Yes no bagger din sila plus may bayad yung plastic bag for 1Nok

    1. Yes, bongga nga daw magsale dito kaso di ko na naabutan pero may sale pa kami nabili na jacket and overall for my son. :) 1NOK per plastic nga so BYOB na lang to save.