April 25, 2017

Things to do in Austrått Norway

Austrått is located in Opphaug Norway which is just a few minutes' drive from Brekstad. It is a nice place to visit because you can see the old manor, fort, grove, and beach. The best part is, it is free.

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Things to do in Austrått Norway 


Austråttlunden is a protected woodland area in Austrått where you can see the different variety of rare plants and wildlife. If you are lucky, you can see moose, deer, and different kinds of birds.

Inside the grove, you can see the famous world’s northernmost wild oak tree. They say that the tree is hundreds of years old already. I went inside the oak tree when I first visited the place so I persuaded my son to go inside too. He was scared at first because he thought that there are squirrels or termites inside the tree.

This place popular for walking and running, it is about 3 km if you will go around the Austråttlunden. But we have a kid in tow so we did not walk that far. We went to the fort after taking pictures of the oak tree.

Austrått Fort 

Austrått Fort was built by the German Wehrmacht in 1942 to protect the Tronheimsfjord during World War II. Inside the fort, you will see the Triple gun turret that weighs 800 tons. The gun turret's last firing was in 1953 and it became a museum in 1991.

Norwegians protect and preserve this fort so the site is still in good condition. As you can see, there is a tarpaulin that covers the gun turret to protect it from the winter season. Again, I was not able to see the interiors of the gun turret because it is only open during the summer season. You can see the five-storey cannon tower and Fosen War Historical Collections starting in June of the year.

It is nice to be back and this time with my family. We took photos on the same spot where my siblings and I took photos several years ago.


Austråttborgen or Austrått Manor is found in the municipality of Ørland, Sør-Trondelag Norway. Austrått has been the residence of many noblemen/noblewomen and officials since the 10th century. The Austrått Manor is one of the oldest Norwegian manors, it was built in 1656 by a Norwegian Chancellor named Ove Bjelke. The manor is a national property since 1919.

Some people like my mom, called this Austrått castle, inside the manor is a chapel where my aunt got married. We were not able to see the interior but the manor is open for public tours during the summer season.

Austrått Pyramid 

Beside the Austråttborgen is a pyramid with a plaque.

Austrått Beach 

There is also a small beach "Storjektvika" after the Austråttborgen where you can relax or even swim during the summer months. We touched the water and it is really cold.

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Update: April 2022

Austrått Havn

We revisited this place again because my mom said, there is something new here so we went to Austrått Havn and we found this viewing deck. There are also tables and benches just like in the Uthaug Marina where you can unwind while watching the fjord. 


  1. Tirik ang araw pero mukhang malamig pa din kasi ang kapal ng mga suot nyo! haha. I'd be so happy if one day I can visit Norway! Napakagandang lugar!

  2. Such an interesting place to visit. I've always been curious about Norway because I have a friend who is based there. Love how the Norwegians preserve parts of their culture.

    1. Yes, interesting place, we stayed in the province area so puro nature ang makikita. :)

  3. The trees there often looks creepy no? haha parang lagging haunted ang hitsura. haha The place looks really serene. Would love to go out and have looong walks there alone. Mukha naming safe. haha =)