July 31, 2017

Pasalubong from Netherlands

Netherlands is on my bucket list, I’ve been meaning to visit this place and see the tulips, windmills and other tourist spots that I usually see on movies. I was planning to have a sidetrip here when we we’re planning to visit Norway but after we got our Schengen visa, KLM airfare already increased. It is so expensive for my budget so we bought our plane ticket to a different airline. 

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On our way to Norway, my mom and aunt took KLM flight so they had layover in Netherlands. She always buy pasalubong in Amsterdam Airport and because we were in Norway, I was able to try these chocolates, waffle and cheese. 


I guess Lindt chocolate is everywhere, I always see this brand in the airport. We prefer the milk chocolate flavor. 


My mom gave me this Godiva chocolate, she said she got it for FREE. The KLM staff informed her that she has expiring miles/points so she exchanged her points to chocolates. The heart shaped chocolates are so cute, parang ayaw ko pa kainin nung una. Hehehe! 

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Kinder Chocolate 

If you have kids, you are familiar with Kinder Chocolate brand. It is one of my son’s favorite chocolate. Kinder is a German word which means “children”. It was developed and produced since 1967. 

Even I’m adult, I also like Kinder Chocolate. My son and I love Kinder Bueno and Kinder Chocolate. My mom gave him an Egg Stuffed toy with Kinder Chocolate.


Droste is a well-known global chocolate which started by Gerardus Johannes Droste in Holland in the year 1863. Ang tagal na pala but it was my first time to taste Droste chocolate. 

I was able to try the Droste Assortis and Droste Tulips, the gift boxes contained different kind of chocolates, so you can taste white, milk and dark chocolate. 

Original Honingwafels

It is a waffle with honey filling. My mom likes this but it is too sweet for my taste.

Netherlands is also known for cheese so my mom also bought some cheese which I don’t have a photo.


  1. Ang saya magstop over sa Amsterdam! Mura perfumes, shades at bags (Longchamp). Fave ko yang Honingwafels. yung red label nyan di ko bet.

    1. I hope, makapagstopover din kami in the future. Mukha nga mura noh, kasi dun namimili mom and tita ko ng pasalubong. Fave din ng mom ko pero natatamisan naman ako. :)