November 28, 2017

Shopping at Love Cynthia

I’ve been following Love Cynthia Instagram since 2015, at that time she was doing custom illustration and selling washi tapes and planner stuff. I’m so amazed at her talent and skills and nakakatuwa din yung IG niya, clean, colorful, and very curated. She is a Filipina who lives in Paris.

Now she is selling clear stamps, digital stamps, and planner stuff. I’ve been meaning to buy her stamps but I don’t know where I am going to use it, since I stopped using planner na. Before I used BDJ planner, Starbucks planner, Suki Day Book, and even a small planner yung parang Papemelroti lang. But two years ago, I stopped buying a planner and started printing my planner.
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2017 came. Since I love listing my “Things to Do” and “Things to Buy” and I love planning our itinerary when we travel, I planned to start a bullet journal or travel planner. I wanted to order stamps but I’m very impatient when it comes to delivery so when I booked our plane ticket to Norway, I got excited because finally, I can order Love Cynthia Stamps. Madali na lang ang shipping from Paris to Norway.

Unfortunately, on our way to Norway, Cynthia is traveling to Manila naman. Waah! So the Love Cynthia store was closed because she was on vacation. Long story short, my dream of receiving a pink envelope was gone in the wind. Huhuhu!

Anyway, last October, I decided to order Love Cynthia Stamps, for Philippines residents you can order Love Cynthia stuff through Happy Fely PH Facebook (Add friend). The only disadvantage is, medyo matagal ang hintayan and lahat pre-order so you need to wait for the announcement.

October 17 - ordered and paid via Paypal
November 25 - received my order via Xend

Yey, after several weeks of waiting. I now have Happy Girls stamps and planner stencils. There are 2018 calendar and card freebies pa. I chose Wanderlust Stamps and Happy Chores Stamps because that is the story of my life. All around sa bahay and gagala pag may Day Off. Hehehe!

Finally, I can start my bullet journal and travel planner next year. My only dilemma is, I can’t find Acrylic Block Stamp here in the Philippines. Ang dami ko ng bookstore na napuntahan, sa online naman, sold out. Let me know kung san pwede bumili. TIA!

Update: I already bought my acrylic block stamp at Craft PH

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Custom Rubber Stamps

Every year, my son always sends Christmas card to my mom, I was looking for cards in the bookstore so I can mail it already kaso namamahalan ako. So I just bought Holiday Digital Stamps at Love Cynthia Store, I can make a lot of cards using the digital file so mas tipid in the long run.

Update: August 2020

Since January 2020, we are buying and using face masks because of Taal Volcano Ashfall and COVID pandemic. And because of the high demand for the face mask, the price of this item is increasing.

When Community Quarantine was implemented last March, we were able to save on buying face masks because my son and I do not go out. My husband does all the errands like going to the wet market, grocery, and bank.

Fast forward to June, I saw these cute feminine face masks of Love Cynthia. I am aware that these masks don’t filter viruses or bacteria but I love the cute design of the Wear Happy Face Mask so I immediately reserve and order. I wanted to order a lot of designs but I have to control myself so I only bought 5 designs. The face masks ran out so fast so I have to wait for the next stock.

1. Life gets better after coffee
2. Sparkle all the way
3. Don’t let the seeds stop you from enjoying your watermelon
4. It’s a beary beautiful day
5. Be happy

June 14 - order and reserve
June 21 - paid for my reserved order
June 23 - received my order

Since I am confined inside our home, 2 pa lang nagagamit ko dito because the only reason I go out is when I need to visit my dentist.


  1. The designs are so lovely. Great set that you have there to make scheduling and travel planning even more enjoyable for 2018

  2. I love stamps but I don't know how to use them properly. To be honest I bought alphabet and other clear stamps but haven't used them yet. haha I love Cynthia's stamps. Don't we just love it when our favorite people goes a level higher? =)

    1. I have different rubber stamps din and this is my first clear stamps, I need more practice pa para perfect ang stamping. :) Ang bilis masold out ng stamps and custom illustation niya.

  3. I would love to personalize my own planner too. Buying an bookstore planner that fits your style and wants is quite hard. Oh And these Love Cynthia stamps and planner stencils are so cute.

  4. Makes me intrigued about stamps. Not much into this kind of thing, though, but something I would want to explore. I am keen on bringing back my interest in journaling so this is something I look forward to adapting, too.

  5. I discovered Love Cynthia and clear stamps last year when I joined a group on Facebook. I have also joined her group. Been eyeing these adorable Love Cynthia stamps, but I do not the budget yet for new ones, good thing I was able to score one from our de-stash group. I am eyeing her other designs so I sure hope I can get some directly from her shop one of these days.

    P.S. I also got my acrylic blocks from our de-stash group and for a fraction of its original price. Tipid moves from a practical mum ^_^

    1. The stamps are really nice but I have to control myself, baka mabankrupt ako. :) I think I joined destash group din but I haven't bought anything yet.

  6. That's so cool!!! I envy you, because I used to be "creative". But ever since I managed a business, no time na. This is something I'd love to have but can't use, but would be the perfect gift for my preschool teachers! :)