November 06, 2017

Sembreak 2017

Sembreak is over and my son is already back to school. Grabe ang bilis lang ng sembreak, halos hindi ko naramdaman. I thought that I will have enough time to blog since there were no classes last week but I was wrong. So what happened last week? 

Trick or Treat 

Out of the blue, my son asked me kung ano daw costume niya sa trick or treat. I was surprised because I was not planning anything because we did not attend any Trick or Treat event last year kasi nga feeling ko tapos na kami sa mga ganyan. So I asked my husband if they have a trick or treat event sa office and he said yes. The last time that we attended their company’s trick or treat was five years ago and two years ago we went to Taal Vista Hotel Trick or Treat Event.

It was a last minute preparation so few days before the event, I asked my friend if I can borrow any costume. Thank God, may nagkasya sa anak ko. Day before the event, I made a DIY green lantern mask so nagtatahi pa ko di ba.

Tip: Costumes are expensive so if you can borrow from your friends or families, makakatipid ka or kaya mag DIY na lang. For the past several years, twice pa lang kami bumili ng Halloween Costumes. 

My son enjoyed the Trick or Treat event and buti na lang chocolates ang mga pinamigay, konti lang ang candies. 

Day Trip at Masamirey Cove Resort 

My husband decided to go to Pangasinan para sa Undas, it was an overnight trip so I suggested na mag-overnight or day trip kami sa Masamirey Cove Resort. Staying in the province with kid in tow is not easy, lalo na at walang wifi at cable doon so mabored ang anak ko. Kailangan may activity or else, mabibingi ko sa "I'm bored mommy".

Three days before our trip, I messaged and texted the resort but no one replied, seen zoned lang so I told my husband to call the resort. He was advised that there is no more room available so he just reserved for a day trip. 

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Review Time 

For the very first time, our second periodical test was moved so my son and I started to review na nung sembreak. Sad lang na hindi namin naenjoy kasi aral pa rin, hehehe! Mas okay sana kung nag-exam na kami before sembreak. 

Hands-on Training Series 

I am planning to work at home so I attended a training last week in Tagaytay. I have zero knowledge of freelancing or homebased jobs so I decided to attend a training. It is an Introduction to Freelancing so now at least I already have an idea. It’s been years since the last time I work, so kakapa-kapa ako and I don’t even have a resume. Well, one step at a time. 

This is our lunch meal at Moderno Tagaytay.

That’s it! I need to finish my son’s reviewer pa.


  1. My province is Pangasinan too, been seeing the Masamirey Cove Resort on Facebook and buti nalang I have read this, fully booked pala lagi dun. Thanks for the info, will book ahead of time.I can relate on the Halloween costume story, I also had a last minute preparation for my daughter's costume, nakakatuwa sila samahan sa Trick or Treat.

  2. Last sem break too, I thought I could do a few writing. I was wrong though. Because the kids are all present, I need to cook mayamaya and even prepare merienda. It was a fun sembreak though.

  3. Ang ikli nga ng sembreak ng kids ngayon. Parang last time it lasted for 2 weeks, ngayon 1 week na lang. must be because of all those "walang pasok dahil sa bagyo". Good thing you were able to unwind during the sembreak.

  4. Ngayong week mukahang nagsisiyahan ang mga students and government employees kasi Asian summit at walang pasok kasi parang kakatapos lang ng sem break 1 week na namang walang pasok. Naalala ko ang last yr treat or tricks ng MBP na talagang I don't have a budget for costume ni Zd ang ginawa ko namulot ng basura at ginawang costume nya. Hehehe! Same here din sis wala din akong idea about freelance naririnig ko lang sa mga friends ko na blogger kasi itong pag boblog ko rin parang pang palipas lang sya ngh oras habang nasa bahay ako at ayon nakakatuwa kasi maganda din pala, sana ako din maka attend ng mga ganyang opportunity.