November 27, 2017

DIY Christmas Painting

I love making DIY stuff because this is a good way to reuse, recycle or repurpose some stuff at home. I can save money because DIY is cheaper than buying Christmas decor. All I need is a little creativity, use available materials at home, and buy only the things that we need for the project.

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I have a blank canvas at home, I’ve been keeping it in our house for so long. I even had this before we experienced our first painting class at Sip & Gogh. Ganun na katagal, hehehe! So I decided to use it and paint something that I can use this Christmas.

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My son saw the canvass and paint and he asked me, “What are you going paint, mommy?” and he told me that he also wanted to paint. So I asked my husband to buy a small blank canvas and additional paint. My son and I painted last sembreak. I was teasing my son that he just copied my painting. Hehehe! We bought a painted candy cane.

I have one remaining blank canvas and I painted a snowman yesterday. And now, my DIY Christmas paintings are hanging at our door. I put my son’s painting on our wall since I have no plan to remove it even after the holiday. We haven’t put up our tree yet but little by little, I’m starting to decorate our house.

How about you? Pasko na ba sa bahay niyo?


  1. These are so pretty and different and I love that you get to bond with your child while making them too. I am certain he is going to remember painting together this Christmas. Will check your other DIYs too.

  2. I love what you did with the snowman. =) I can't wait to try to at least decorate our house. Just a little something that would feel like Christmas. This is a perfect idea. =)

  3. I wanna do some DIY decor as well but unfortunately the holiday season for us this year is a lot more hectic. Confession though, we never took down our Christmas tree from last year so it was Christmas at home the whole year. Haha!

    1. Wow, I thought only Christmas lantern stays after the holiday. hehehe!

  4. I like this idea. And thanks so much. I guess it isn't too late to encourage the boys to decorate the house with Christmas ornaments or at least paint something similar. I even saw a few paintings I would want to hang on our wall when I could even ask my boys to paint.. parang mas may personal touch pa.

  5. Wow! I never thought we can do great DIY decors that are really nice. My kids and I will definitely try doing these for next Christmas. :)