January 22, 2019

Glimpse of Acienda Designer Outlet in Silang Cavite

Filipinos love sale, discounts, and promos so we love going to the outlet store. Here in the Philippines, there are only small outlet stores so most of the time we feel so excited if we will travel overseas or if we knew someone who will go to the outlet store.

According to my research, an outlet store started when factories offer excess goods or damaged goods to their employees at a low price and of course, they extend it to non-employees. Nowadays, you can see different brands selling their products in an outlet store. So if you are eyeing for a luxury brand and you don’t have the budget to buy at a retail store, then visit an outlet store so you can buy it at a fractional cost.

But keep in mind that products from the retail store and outlet store are different. Sad to say, but brands are manufacturing products for outlet store only and for retail only. Don’t expect that you are always buying excess goods, out of season products or damaged goods. I learned this from this video, you can watch the Outlet Store vs Retail Store video here by CBC News.

Are Outlet Stores Worth Visiting? 

If you will ask me if is it worth visiting an outlet store knowing that there is a bit difference in their products. My answer is yes, I will still buy products at an Outlet Store because it is better than buying a replica or fake products. I don’t mind if it comes from an outlet store or retail store as long as I can use it for a few years and I’m satisfied with the price and products.

Acienda Designer Outlet Store 

Anyway, if you are looking for an outlet store, don’t worry because you don’t need to go out of the country because we have Acienda Designer Outlet Store in Silang, Cavite. Yey, we now have an international outlet. It opened last October 26, 2018 and it was only last week that I finally able to visit it. If you remember, last Christmas, we went here but the outlet store was not yet open and I don’t want to wait for the opening hours so we just went home.

Acienda Designer Outlet is now a must visit place if you are going to Tagaytay. As I’ve said, outlet store offer products at a discounted price all year round so no need to wait for sale or promos. You can find deals up to 70% off.

We were in Tagaytay last week so before we went home, we dropped by at Acienda Designer Outlet. It was weekday so parking is not difficult, they have huge parking but I’m not sure kung pag weekend nagkakaubusan.

Upon entering, I was surprised because ang daming pang IG worthy spot so if you love taking selfies, you will love this place. Sakto pa nga, konti tao nung pagpunta namin so I was able to take some pictures na walang gaanong photobomber. My husband even said “Mas maganda daw ito kaysa sa Outlet Store na napuntahana niya sa Texas, USA”. You can the famous London telephone booth, Eiffel Tower, Windmill, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Lombard Street.

Watch the video here.

Unfortunately, not all stores are already open. Konti pa lang ang bukas and I checked some stores and I find P995 Levis Pants, buy one take one sa toys, branded frames for P450 and more. I did not check all the stores since I have no budget for shopping. I just want to have a glimpse of the Acienda so if ever may pang shopping na ko, babalik ako.

Lunch at Ibarra’s Bistro 

It was time for lunch so we look for a restaurant. Unfortunately, konti pa lang din ang choices but there are kiosks where you can buy pizza, ice cream, fries, and etc. We had our lunch at Ibarra’s Bistro. It offers express meals, pasta, noodles, sandwiches, desserts and drinks. We ordered Pork BBQ on Stick with Kare Kare Rice P195 and Mixed Seafood Salpicao P220.

I tried the Pork BBQ and Kare-Kare rice and the taste is okay, hindi gaano lasa yung kare-kare sa rice. For my Mixed Seafood Salpicao, it is a mixed of mussels, squid, shrimp and salmon belly in garlic, olive oil, bell peppers, and spices. I have no idea na spicy pala ito. I know there is bell pepper pero when they served it, may siling pangsigang din. We’re satisfied with our order and the price is not that expensive. They only accept cash, mahina daw signal kaya mahirap pag credit card.

And because, naanghangan ko sa kinain ko, I went to Cold Stone Creamery and ordered a Ferrero Rocher ice cream. It was my first time kasi namamahalan ko sa ice cream na ito. Which is true, mas mahal pa itong dessert ko kaysa sa kinain namin na rice meal sa Ibarra’s Bistro. But in fairness, masarap naman yung ice cream. The staff even gave us a free taste, we tried Ferrero, Manhattan Cheesecake and I forgot the other flavor but I chose Ferrero.

Operating Hours: 11AM to 9PM; Monday to Sunday

Acienda Designer Outlet 
KM48 Aguinaldo Highway Lalaan 1,
Silang Cavite


  1. Oooh, I saw this from the bus, but we couldn't go down. We were tired and it was hard to catch a bus with the kids, so we stayed on. I'm curious to see it.

  2. wow! outlet shopping! I hope we can drop by soon.

  3. yes! we always see this pag pumupunta kaming Tagaytay, it's so nice of you to blog about it!