January 14, 2019

Lunch at Siram Gyupsal Unlimited Korean BBQ House

Few years ago, there are only limited Korean restaurants and we even traveled to Silang Cavite just to eat Korean dishes. It was our first samgyeopsal experience and we really enjoyed it. And because of that, we keep on trying new Korean restaurant. So far, we tried Baek Yuen Korean Restaurant, All 4 U Unlimited Korean Restaurant, and Su Won Garden Korean Restaurant.

Last month, on our way to my in-laws I saw a tarpaulin of a Korean restaurant. Wow, may bago na naman kami kakainan na malapit. Siram Gyupsal started operating last September 8, 2018, in Paseo de San Antonio and last November, they opened a second branch in front of Tubigan. I just take note of that restaurant and finally before classes resume, we were able to try Siram Gyupsal restaurant in Seaoil, Tubigan.

It was Sunday so I was expecting that the place would be crowded but I was glad that only one table was occupied. Siram Gyupsal is not that big so mukhang masikip siya especially kung occupied lahat ng table. Upon seated, the staff asked “Sir, unlimited?” Nagulat naman ko kay kuya, kasi kakaupo pa lang namin at hindi pa nga namin nahahawakan ang menu. Akala ko naman, may a la carte sila, ang choice lang naman pala is Unlimited A or Unlimited B. Maybe the staff was asking kung unlimited A or B ba kami? We chose Unlimited B which is P449 per person.

Watch the video here 

For P449, we have unlimited side dishes, rice, iced tea, and meat. We have 10 choices of meat,

Plain Pork
Salt & Pepper Pork (Dae-Pae Samgyupsal)
Sweet & Spicy Pork (Gochujang Samgyupsal)
Bulgogi Pork
Salt & Pepper Chicken
Sweet & Spicy Chicken (Gochujang Chicken)
Plain Beef
Salt & Pepper Beef
Sweet & Spicy Beef (Gochujang Beef)
Bulgogi Beef

After 5 minutes, the staff served the side dishes, sauces, lettuce, juice, and rice. They have 8 side dishes and 2 kinds of sauces. Then he started putting charcoal on our grilling pan. So first time namin, kasi sa ibang restaurant electric stove or LPG ang pang-grill nila. You can order a maximum of 2 kinds of meat so I ordered Salt and Pepper Pork and Salt and Pepper Beef.

Then the staff served soup, I was surprised because I did not see soup in their menu, I liked this Korean Style Egg Soup.

For our second meat, we chose Bulgogi Pork and Bulgogi Beef, nakadalawang order kami. So all in all, we just had 6 plates of meat. We did not order chicken since we’re not fond of grilled chicken naman pag buffet. They only use one kind of meat, nilalagyan lang nila ng salt & pepper and bulgogi sauce. I’m not sure kung ganun din sa sweet and spicy pork, chicken or beef. Hindi siya marinated.

The restaurant is small and looks clean but malagkit ang table. As in pag-upo namin, nalagkitan na kami sa table and even sa menu, parang ang daming oil. Hindi ako nakatiis at pinunasan ko ang table at menu namin, buti na lang I always have wipes and alcohol. My husband told me, baka hindi daw okay ang sabon na gamit nila so kahit nilinisan, malagkit pa rin.

For the service, I can say it is good naman. We don’t need to call their attention kasi sila mismo lumalapit at nagtatanung kung mag-order pa kami ng meat and they changed our grilling pan kahit hindi namin nirequest. What I also like here, I can order 1 kind of meat, unlike sa iba, minimum of two kinds per order. They have kids rate too, this is very important kasi mahina kumain anak ko, lugi ako lagi. But I hope next time, they will add dessert. There is no time limit but we are done after an hour of  feasting. Before we left, ang dami na nila customers.

Siram Gyupsal Rates

Adult Rate

Unlimited A - Unlimited Pork, Chicken, Side Dishes and Rice
P399 - 11AM to 3PM
P449 - 3PM to 1AM

Unlimited B - Unlimited Beef, Pork, Chicken, Side Dishes, Rice and Iced Tea
P449 - 11AM to 3PM
P499 - 3PM to 1AM

Student Deal (Monday to Friday) - Unlimited Pork, Chicken, Side Dishes and Rice
P350 - Student ID required except holidays.

Kid Rate

FREE - kids under 3.5ft
P350 for children 12 years old and below.

P200 fine for leftover meat,
No take out policy
No sharing
No time limit

A maximum of 2 kinds of meat per order. When you finish the meat, you can order again. They also offer soda, beers and Melona ice cream for a fee.

Siram Gyupsal Unlimited Korean BBQ House 
Seaoil Brgy Tubigan
In front of Filivest South

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