September 23, 2019

Traveling from Copenhagen Denmark to Stockholm Sweden via SJ Train

I’ve experienced traveling by plane, boat, and bus to go to another country but I haven’t tried riding a train so I was a little bit excited when we are going to Stockholm. Finally, I can experience a cross-country trip to Europe via train.

Few months before our trip, I researched “How to go to Stockholm Sweden from Copenhagen Denmark”. There are a lot of ways to reach Stockholm, you can travel by air, car, bus, and train. Of course, I chose the train because it is cost-efficient. Yes, riding the train is cheaper than riding the plane. Just make sure that you will book early and if you have kids in tow, avail the children’s discount.

Since we are going to Sweden, I chose the SJ train, it is a government-owned passenger train operator that was created in the year 2000. From Copenhagen to Stockholm, there are five schedules and I chose 12:23NN. The train fare may vary depending on the date, time and type of ticket that you will choose.

When we got our Schengen visa, I immediately checked the price of the train ticket. Then I informed my mom about it but few days after, my grandmother passed away so our planning stopped. After a month, we started planning again for our Scandinavian Trip and when I checked the train fare, the price already increased. From SEK 1007 to SEK 1467.

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As I mentioned before, there are different types of ticket. You can choose first class or second class and you can choose non-rebookable, rebookable and refundable. You can check my previous post for more information. So for 3 adults and 1 kid, (Second Class Ticket) our total is

SEK 1467 - Non-rebookable
SEK 1776 - Rebookable
SEK 2222 - Refundable

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I told my mom to book the non-rebookable so we can save money but my mom insisted to book the refundable so just in case something happens we can refund the fare. Waah! That’s PHP4000 difference so mabigat sa bulsa pero what can I do, sunod na lang. Good thing there is a children’s discount and we can choose our own seats without additional cost. 

Adult SEK 705
Child SEK 107

Fast forward to our trip; after we check-out at Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger, off we went to Copenhagen Central Station which is just few minutes walk from the hostel. Our ticket does not indicate the track so we immediately checked the information board so we know where to go. For Copenhagen to Stockholm, we need to go to Track 4 and wait at B section (carriage 6-7).

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We had a quick lunch at Food Market before going to Track 4. We arrived 30 minutes before our schedule but the train was still closed. If I remember it right, they only allowed us to board 10 minutes before the departure and the train left on time.

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We only bought a Second Class ticket so this is our seat, SJ train offers wide and comfortable seats. We have free wifi to entertain us during our 5 hours and 13 minutes travel. In addition, if you feel hungry or thirsty, you can buy at the Bistro. To save money, we brought some snacks.

Watch the video here