June 09, 2017

Pasalubong from Sweden

A few days ago, my mom was asking me if I already blogged about our Røros trip and I said no, hindi pa tapos but I posted a video on my YouTube Channel. Honestly, after our summer vacation, I don’t know how and where to start my Summer in Norway series. I have 5000+ photos in my album and it is really hard to choose photos.

I don’t know how travel blogger do it because it is really an effort to blog about the experience sa dami ng pictures. Hehehe! But don’t worry, matatapos ko rin yan series na yan so I can start our Iceland trip series too.

Moving on, I mentioned in my previous post that I’m nursing colds and cough and as far as I know bawal ang sweets sa may ubo. So I’ve been drinking tea with honey these past few days to calm my cough. Pero I can’t control myself so I still I ate chocolate again yesterday, ang hirap magpigil kung nakikita mo chocolate pagbukas mo ng fridge. Hehehe!

But you know what, I just read an article that, “The Best Cure for a Cough May Actually Be Chocolate”.  According to the article, chocolate can calm coughs because the theobromine suppresses coughs better than codeine. Cocoa also relieves irritation or inflammation. Oh di ba, nagpigil pa ko, pwede naman pala. Read more about it here.

Anyway, when we went to Norway, my sister gave me pasalubong from Sweden. When I saw the brand of the chocolate, I immediately remembered that a reader commented in one of my posts that Marabou is almost similar to Freia chocolates. My husband ate the Marabou Japp and he said okay lang ang taste.

It was only yesterday that I tried the chocolates, yes, inuwi ko pa siya sa Pinas. Hehehe! I ate the Marabou Mjőlk Choklad or Milk Chocolate. True enough, the taste is close enough to Freia but a little bit sweet. I’m happy to add this chocolate in my IKEA list. I always see this in IKEA but I only buy the IKEA chocolate but since Marabou chocolate taste is close to Freia, pwede na ito.


Freia KVIKK LUNSJ is a Norwegian chocolate, it is similar to popular KitKat chocolate.

PEZ is a brand name of peppermint candy from Austria. I'm not familiar with this candy so I have to Google it because I don't know how to put the candy in the free pocket dispensers. Since my son is not fond of candy, I'm the one who tried this. hehehe! Now, wala na ko refill na candy. :(


  1. Agree. Mahirap iblog ang travel experience. I can easily make product reviews, but not on travel. Anyway, I never knew that cocoa relieves irritation as well, sa honey lang ko aware. Hehe
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Ha! Yes, hirap mag travel blogging! So, hats off to them! Marami pa palang Norway series, kala ko tapos na! haha. Look forward to seeing your other photos. Such a beautiful country.

    1. Naku, sobrang dami pa. Hindi pa nga tapos yung first 2 wks namin, e buong summer kami nandun. hehehe!

  3. I would love to try those imported chocolates, too. And I love what ive just read that the best remedy for cough and colds is chocolates. Ihihi. I bet my boys would love that, too.

  4. Chocolates! These are the best pasalubong talaga. You can't go wrong with chocolates.
    PS: I can't wait to read your Iceland and Norway posts. :)

  5. Ohh, I would love those treats. Every time we go somewhere, I see to it that we buy their local sweets :)) I am such a chocolate lover :)