March 22, 2019

One Day of Colon Cleansing

We all know that health is wealth and we always hear these three words. But after what happened last year, it made me realized that health is indeed wealth. It is very significant to give importance to our health because it can deplete your wealth. No matter how much you save for the future, that money may not be enough to pay for the hospital bills, treatment, therapy, medicine, and other medical expenses. 

And because of that health scare, last quarter of the year we spent most of our time in the hospital and clinic for a check-up, lab test, and therapy. I was so paranoid about my health and for my husband’s health. Cancer runs in my husband’s family, 9 years ago my sister-in-law lost her battle with colon cancer and last year, two of my in-laws were diagnosed with cancer. It was hard to accept but life must go on and we’re praying for healing and provision.

I wanted my husband to try colonoscopy because prevention is better than cure but he was hesitant because of the price of the colonoscopy. While I was browsing Deal Grocer site, I saw the Colon Cleanse promo of Centro Holistico so I told my husband about it. He watched some videos about Colon Cleansing and parang nagdalawang isip pa lalo. But after few days, pumayag din so I bought One Session of Colon Cleanse P1375, the regular rate is P2000. There are two branches, one in Pasig and one in Alabang and I chose the latter.

It’s been years since the last time I bought a voucher from Deal Grocer so I was surprised when I learned that I can pay via Paypal. I think yung huli kong bili, credit card payment and USD pa yung currency nila. I bought Crosswinds Resort Suites and Nurture Wellness Village voucher before.

To give you an idea, let me share the description of Colon Cleanse from Deal Grocer 

1. Toxins in the body could be the cause when you’re feeling bloated and fatigued. You can flush them out effectively with this all-natural treatment.
2. Colon cleanse is also called the “ultimate detox treatment”, it will rid your body toxins, harmful chemicals, and buildup in the colon. It uses an organic solution of Barako coffee to aid in the process.
3. The mixture triggers the liver to produce enzymes like glutathione to target free radicals and speed along the detoxification. It also helps lower inflammation, prevent constipation, prevent reabsorption of toxins, and reboot gut.
4.Added benefits such as weight loss, an improved immune system and radiant skin due to the increased production of glutathione. It is also known to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

The voucher is redeemable from Monday to Saturdays only, from October 29, 2018 to January 2019 but not valid from December 23, 2018 to January 2, 2019. So after our Batanes trip, my husband called Centro Holistico to reserve and ang available na lang is last week of January. Buti, umabot pa bago mag-expire so it is better to use your voucher immediately.

Fast forward to my husband’s Colon Cleanse Session, off we went to Centro Holistico at Commercenter Alabang. It was only 11:30AM and 1PM pa yung appointment so my husband just showed his voucher and ID and nag-ikot-ikot muna kami. After one hour, we went back to the clinic and the staff gave him a form.

1. Fill out the form
2. The staff check his blood pressure and weight
3. After that, the staff called my husband for an interview daw. The doctor will verify the information that you’ve written in the form and also asked about the medical history.

My son and I waited for him pero nung 1PM na at hindi na lumabas, we went out the clinic na and we had lunch at The Farm Organics.

According to my husband, there is a private room for the colon cleanse. You have to change your clothes, the nurse will explain the procedure and the colon cleanse session will take more or less 60 minutes. About 5 gallons of water are flushed through your colon using a tube that was inserted into your rectum. I don’t want to overshare but my husband told me, medyo nakakailang din kasi minamassage yung tummy niya nung nurse during the procedure and nandun lang talaga hanggang matapos. After the session, they gave him tea. My husband felt, lumiit daw tiyan niya. Sana nga daw, nagsukat siya ng before and after.

There are pros and cons about this treatment and I’m still thinking if I will buy this every year and I’m contemplating kung ita-try ko din ba. hehehe! I hope may promo ulit sa Deal Grocer. Have your tried colon cleansing?

Centro Holistico
2/F Commercenter Alabang, Commerce Ave. , cor.
Filinvest Ave., Filinvest Corporate City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa
(02) 828 8863, (0917) 581 2990
Mondays to Fridays, 10AM - 7PM; Saturdays, 11AM - 7PM


  1. thanks for this post..basta I hope lagi kang okey at ang buong pamilya....

    1. Thanks Arvin. Same to you, wishing you good health.