July 24, 2020

Traveling to Oslo Norway from Stockholm Sweden via SJ Train

I know I am not yet finished with my Stockholm, Sweden series but let me skip it for now since I have no idea about the situation in Sweden. But in Norway, it seems that life is back to normal because I’ve seen relatives who are on the road traveling within Norway. How I wish we could do that here in the Philippines.

But it looks like it won’t happen anytime soon so let me reminisce our trip in Oslo Norway, let me start with our train ride from Stockholm to Oslo via SJ train. If Copenhagen to Stockholm has 5 train schedules, for Stockholm to Oslo, we were down to two schedules only which is 9:10 and 15:08, we chose the earliest schedule since we don’t want to arrive in the evening. Travel time is 5 hours and 59 minutes.

There are different types of ticket, you can choose first class or second class, then non-bookable, rebookable and refundable. For our Copenhagen to Stockholm, my mom chose the refundable ticket but when my mom received the confirmation and read the fine prints, she agreed with me to buy the non-rebookable ticket for our train trip. Hehehe!

SEK 1850 - Non-rebookable
SEK 2147 - Rebookable
SEK 2429 - Refundable

Total is SEK1850 for 3 adults and 1 child, I was so surprised when I saw the breakdown of the ticket because we only paid SEK5 for my son which is only PHP27.80 (current exchange rate). This is one of the perks of traveling with a family, they give discounts. Imagine, nakabiyahe anak ko from Sweden to Norway for less than PHP30.

SEK 615 - Adult
SEK 5 - Child

Since we had an early trip, we checked out before 6AM, from Generator Stockholm we just walked up to Stockholm Central train station. To save money, we did not take any taxi since we’ve been walking from the hostel to the train station for the past few days so even with our luggage, it won’t be difficult.

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When we arrived at the train station, we immediately checked our boarding gate then we had our usual breakfast at McDonalds. We took our time eating breakfast because we have nothing to do at the train station. While waiting, my husband bought some chocolates at the convenience store, just beside our boarding gate. We survived Stockholm Sweden without cash, we only use our credit card for everything, even for comfort rooms which SEK10.

The train arrived on time, we have comfortable seats and free wifi. I did not bother to take photos or videos because this was my view. Toinks!

We had lunch at the Bistro, my husband just bought bread and Swedish Meatballs. The total bill is SEK158 without drinks.

 After 6 hours of train ride, we were back in Oslo, Norway. We stayed at Cochs Pensjonat for 4 days and 3 nights. After our Scandinavian tour, my husband went back to the Philippines while my son and I stayed in my mom’s place.

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