May 07, 2019

Traveling Around Norway via NSB Train

Most of the time we choose to travel by plane to visit other towns, cities or countries. It is the fastest way to travel from point A to point B. But if you are going to visit Europe, sometimes it is better to travel by train because it is more than just transportation. It is a journey through mountains, forest, fields, wilderness, lakes, coastal, fjords and other beautiful gems along the railway.

During our Scandinavian trip, we travel by train in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Among our train rides, my most favorite is Norges Statsbaner or Norwegian State Railways. NSB is the National Railway Company that offers train services in Norway. As of April 24, 2019, it is now called Vy after they unite NSB and Nettbus.

Buying Tickets 

Traveling around Norway is expensive whether you choose bus, boat, train or airplane. With regard to train tickets, the best thing that you can do is to book in advance so you can get a cheaper fare. You can buy a ticket 90 days prior to your trip.

You can buy the ticket on their website, now They have a mobile app too for Android or IOS, download Vy app (formerly NSB app). There are Automated Ticket Machines and Customer Service Counter at the train station too. Among the options, we tried buying a ticket using their website and Automated Ticket Machine.

The price varies depending on the date and season that you are going to travel. There are discounts for Senior Citizen, Person with Disability, Children, Students, and Military Member.

Passengers Seats 

With regards to the seats, it depends on the ticket that you will buy, first class or second class. It also depends on the train that you will ride and how short or long your travel time. We only purchased a second class ticket and legroom space is good.

Some are FREE seating so you can choose whatever seats you like, it is a first-come-first-serve basis. Some have assigned seats, you can check your seat number printed on your train ticket. Sometimes you need to pay extra so you can choose your preferred seat. Family-friendly carriages are available in some destinations such as Oslo to Trondheim, Oslo to Stavanger, Oslo to Bergen and Trondheim to Bodø.

Foods and Drinks 

Foods and drinks are not a problem if you will travel by train in Norway because there is a vending machine or cafe. You can check the Cafe Menu online and pre-order your food. There is a printed menu on the train which is similar to the menu online. We just bought our food on the day of our travel. If you want to save money, you can bring your own food and drinks except for alcoholic drinks.

Traveling Around Norway via NSB Train 

Sharing our train experience via NSB train.

Trondheim Central Station to Røros Station 

Two years ago, we went to Røros, Norway and we rode train from Trondheim Central Station to Røros Station. Røros Railway was built in stages from 1862 to 1877 and it is Norway’s oldest trunk line.

It was my first train ride in Europe and I enjoyed the Norwegian wilderness journey to the mining town. I did not mind the two hours and thirty minutes of travel time with 18 Train Station Stops.

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Trondheim Central Station to Røros Train Station Video 
Weekend Getaway at Røros Norway Post and Video 

Oslo Lufthavn to Elverum Train Station (Oslo Airport to Elverum Train Station) 

Elverum is just two hours away from Oslo, you can travel by car, bus or train. If you landed in Oslo Airport Gardermoen, riding a train is the easiest way to reach Elverum because there is already a train station just outside the arrival area. You can buy your ticket at the Automated Ticket Machine or Customer Service Counter. Travel time is 1 hour and 33 minutes with one transfer at Hamar Station.

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Oslo Airport to Elverum Station via NSB Train
Oslo Airport to Elverum Train Station Video

Oslo S to Oslo Lufthavn (Oslo Central Station to Oslo Airport) 

After our Oslo trip, my husband needs to go back to the Philippines so we separate our ways. He took the train from Oslo Central Station to Oslo Airport. You can take bus, Flytoget Airport Express train or NSB train. My husband chose the latter because it is cheaper. He bought the ticket at the Automated Ticket Machine using his debit card. 105 NOK for one person. Travel time is 23 minutes with one stop at Lilistrøm Station.

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Oslo Central Station to Trondheim Central Station 

Whenever we go to Norway, we always book Manila to Trondheim flight but this year, we only booked up to Oslo, Norway because we planned to have a side trip in Denmark and Sweden. It is cheaper to ride the train and boat than to fly to Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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I thought that I will be bored during our 7 hours train ride but I was wrong because I enjoyed every minute of our train ride. I have no idea that Dovre Railway is one of those scenic railways in Norway. You will enjoy the different landscapes and waterscapes along the tracks of Oslo to Trondheim.

Dovre Line passes Mjosa Lake which is Norway’s largest lake, the town of Lillehammer where the 1994 Olympic Winter Games where held, Gudbrandsdalslaagen River which is one of the largest rivers in Norway and Gudbrandsdal Valley and we also reached the highest point at Hjerkinn Train Station.

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Oslo Central Train Station to Trondheim Central Train Station via NSB train
Oslo Central Train Station to Trondheim Central Tran Station Video

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