August 11, 2021

DIY Garlic Bread Toast

Our favorite garlic bread is from United Village Breadhouse and it is always part of my grocery list but because of the community quarantine, ang tagal na namin hindi nakakabili. We usually buy this at Landmark supermarket but since the start of the global pandemic, we lessen our grocery trip. 

When we learned about the approaching ECQ, my husband immediately went to Landers so we can store some food. He also bought a few packs of bread kasi mga naka-Buy 1 Take 1, like this baguette. I am aware of the expiration dates so I usually put some of our bread in the fridge and some in the freezer to make them last longer. 

A baguette is a long stick of bread that is always connected to France but it is bake around the world. This is often sliced and served with butter, jam, cheese, or pate. My son likes garlic bread so using the baguette, I made my own garlic bread. I just mix butter, dried parsley and season with garlic salt. Then spread the mixture on my sliced baguette and toast it in the oven toaster for few minutes. It is so easy to prepare so we have snacks in few minutes. 

Since we don’t always have baguettes, I normally used sliced bread to make my own garlic bread. I think any bread will do, it just depends on your preference if you want to have soft bread or crisp crust.


Sliced Baguette
Fresh or Dried Parsley
Fresh Minced Garlic or Garlic Salt

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