August 14, 2017

Glimpse of Landmark Supermarket in Alabang

One disadvantage of living in the province is, there are stores, supermarkets or restaurants that we want to visit but we can’t because it is not available in our area. We have to travel all the way to Alabang so we can see more shops, restaurants, and supermarkets. Last year, I saw that they are building Landmark beside Festival Mall, I felt excited because finally magkakalandmark na rin sa Alabang.

After several months of waiting, Landmark Supermarket is finally open. They started their operation last July 28, 2017 but it was only last Saturday that we were able to visit it. We’re supposed to go to S&R but we dropped by at Festival Mall for my two boys haircut. Since nasa Festival na rin kami, we decided to check the supermarket.

It was lunch time so we ate at the Food Center, there are still stores that are not yet open. We ate at Baliwag pero mas mahaba pila sa Ilonggo Grill, when I checked their meals, mas mura pala sa kanila

After our meal, we went to the supermarket and I felt happy seeing the veggies, fruits and other products, ang dami ko ng choices. 

I saw Buy 1 Get 1 promo of Ariel so I took advantage of it, bumili na ko ng for 3 months supply. Minsan ko lang maabutan yan promo na yan. Nagkaubusan dati sa S&R niyan

And because of that, hindi na ko pumunta sa S&R dito ko na binili lahat ng nasa list ko though mas mura yung Nutella sa S&R. My husband likes yogurt and we were surprised when we saw his yogurt, P38+ lang, kabibili ko lang nito sa Walter few days ago and P43+ ang isa, Waah! Ang laki ng difference ng price.

I also noticed that they have so many staffs, someone even put our groceries sa cashier and hinatid pa kami hanggang parking. They don’t accept tip pa, sana hindi lang sa umpisa ito. My husband was teasing me, “May bago na naman daw ko papasyalan”. Oh yes, happy place ng mga mommies ang supermarket.

Free parking in the basement for 3 hours, just don't forget to validate your receipt. 

Landmark Supermarket Alabang
9AM to 9PM


  1. I like doing our grocery at Landmark. It is cheaper than SM and even the selections, I believe, are plentier. They also have nice promos and the boys enjoy the free samplings. Ihihi. The interiors as well of Landmark grocery is refreshing.

    1. True, Landmark is cheaper compared to other supermarkets. Yes, there are free samplings din. :)

  2. Haha. Many thoughts running my mind while reading this. First, I never hae thought of Alabang as a province. Hahaha There's festival and Town Center, etc. so di ko talaga naisip na province ang dating. Haha

    I hade the same excitement when a supermarket opened near our place. Happy place for moms! :) Parang ang saya mamili sa landmark. :) I like the promos, I never thought their prices were lower or baka dahil opening, but as what Ms. Berlin said, they are lower compared to SM's price. :) enjoy your shopping days ahead. Haha

    1. Hi Gil, Yes, Alabang is not a province but I live in the province and Alabang is the nearest city (NCR) in our place. hehehe! I forgot to mention that in my post, will edit. :)