September 01, 2020

Cheesy Garlic Bread

I was browsing my blog posts and I stumbled this old post about Cheesy Garlic Bread. Ang tagal na pala namin kumakain nitong bread na ito. My husband’s colleague gifted us a United Village Breadhouse garlic bread last Christmas 2012 and since then it became one of our favorites.

I used to buy this at the bazaars only so I was glad when Landmark opened in Alabang area, so it became part of my grocery. I always have stock of this in the freezer because it is so easy to prepare, you can just toast it in the oven toaster and you have will have instant garlic bread.

Sometimes, if my son needs some potluck in school and I have no time to buy cakes, pastries, or drinks, I will prepare this garlic bread. Mas mabenta pa nga ito kaysa sa potluck na cake or pastries. Mas marami kasi nagdadala ng cakes and pastries sa school so puro sweets na.

If I have a mozzarella cheese and some leftover sausage, bacon, or ham, I add it and toast it in the oven toaster and we will have merienda in a few minutes. Mozzarella Cheese or Quickmelt cheese are staples in my kitchen because we love cheese.

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December 27, 2012 

One of my husband’s colleagues gave us garlic bread last Christmas; I thought it was French bread because it’s really long. I forgot to serve it during our Noche Buena; I mean dinner so we ate it today. I made cheesy garlic bread for our merienda.

Garlic Bread + Mozzarella Cheese = YUM. Preparation is easy, just put the sliced mozzarella cheese and toast until cheese melts. Next time, I will add chopped tomatoes and bacon bits.


  1. Gusto ko yang may mozzarella! Yum talaga! Hope u had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. combination ng cheddar at mozarella at bonggang butter masarap din

  3. Yung last pic..nakakagutom..megad.. cheesy pa naman sya

  4. Good tip on the cheese. Thanks! We don't usually add those in our version e. Ma-try nga. =)