March 17, 2014

Homemade Pizza

I can’t remember the last time that we’ve made homemade pizza but I know it’s been a while. When I say homemade, I did not make the dough from scratch, it’s either I used sliced bread or ready-made pizza dough. But I hope one day, I can make everything from scratch.

Two weeks ago, my son and I made homemade pizza using sliced bread, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce and ham.

We’re so happy with the result so few days after I bought pizza dough and made my own version of supreme pizza ala pizza hut. Ham and cheese for my son since he doesn’t like bell pepper and onion. 

Making pizza is a nice family bonding. 


  1. Same here! Pero we like using pan desal instead of pan or wheat slices. Try mo din gumamit ng spag sauce or ketchup instead of tomato sauce lang or pizza sauce. I know it sounds medyo weird (lalo na kung ketchup) but trust me it tastes really nice. Lalo na pag yung sweet blend. Type ng mga bata. =)

    1. Will try the spaghetti sauce next time, di kasi ko nagketchup e. Hehehe. Thanks!