January 12, 2022

DIY Acrylic Holiday Ornaments

It is already January but I’m still blogging about my holiday ornaments. And expect that this is just the start of my ornament series because I’ve made different ornaments last year. I wanted to blog about this last year but I can’t because this is my husband’s gift for his colleagues. Wala ng surprise if ever may makakita ng post ko. #feelingmaynagbabasa hehehe! 

Anyway, I only need 5 Holiday Ornaments so initially, I planned to make Stained Glass Ornaments but I changed my mind because it took me few days in creating my personal ornaments. I didn’t have a lot of time because my husband’s company outing was near. I need an easy project that I can finish within the day. 

Then I remembered the Memorial Ornaments that I’ve made before so I used them as my inspiration for this project. First, I created the design using the Chill Out Christmas Illustration Collection, Hand Drawn Christmas Lettering, and Tropical Hand Drawn Font

Almost two years ago, I just print and manually cut stickers but last year I already knew how to use the print and cut feature of my Cricut Maker so I used the machine to make my life easier. I also cut round phototop to make the stickers water-resistant. Then I layered the stickers and photo top on my acrylic blanks then add a metallic cord. 

After finishing my holiday ornaments, I don’t know how will I package them, I was contemplating if I will use a box or plastic but I ended up using plastic. I remembered the ready-made graphics that I purchased before. The ornament frame from the Holiday Season Collection is perfect for my backing card. I just changed the color that so it will match the color of the ornaments and add some text.

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