January 18, 2022

Holiday 2021

January is already more than half over but I am still not yet finished with my holiday posts. But I’m getting there, in fact, I’ve been super productive for the past few weeks of this brand year of 2022. Well, it just so happened that we’re back to living under a rock because of the increasing COVID19 cases. I canceled some of my “things to do” because I don’t want to go out yet so I am spending more time blogging. 

As always, the last quarter of the year is overwhelming because of the endless-to-do list and fully-booked schedules. But now I'm ready to blog after a BUSY December month. So let me start reflecting on what happened last holiday or should I say last month. Aside from doing bank errands and paying the due dates, naging fruitful naman ang December namin.

1st Week of December 

I miss traveling but because of the COVID19 virus, I was hesitant to plan so I was grateful when my husband’s company planned for a team celebration including the family. Normally, employees lang naman ang kasama sa mga ganyan so this was the first time na pwede kasama ang family. 

Yey, after six months we were able to travel again and we’re back to The Farm at San Benito. Would you believe that our last out of town was at The Farm at San Benito too? We stayed here way back in November 2019 and I did not expect that we will return because the rate is not cheap. Anyway, we were fortunate to stay at The Narra Villa, I will blog about this in a separate post but you can read my old posts about this holistic resort. 

2nd Week of December 

It was my son’s Confirmation, I was not able to attend because only one parent and one godparent are allowed inside the church. My husband just fetched me after the Confirmation and we went to the mall to celebrate. 

3rd Week of December 

Third week of December is the Second Periodical Test of my son and tumapat pa yung brownout and no internet sa bahay. But I’m thankful that my son was able to take all his exams even we have no electricity and internet connection at home. We went to my in-laws when we had no electricity and we just used mobile data when we had no internet connection.

4th Week of December 

I’ve been waiting for the school break so we can apply for National ID and I am so happy na walang mahabang pila and wala din kaming kasabay na iba. And dahil pwede na bata sa labas, we went to Landers after that. It was my son’s first trip to the grocery ever since the community quarantine started.

No face-to-face get-together so my college friends and I had a virtual get-together for the second time around. 

We always have a family reunion every December 24 so my husband filed a vacation leave because it is no longer a holiday. I prepared mashed potato, buttered vegetables, gravy, and wagyu steak (grill your own) for our potluck. 

For our own celebration, we had DIY Seafood Hotpot

The following day, we spent our Christmas Morning at Napa at Crosswinds

5th Week of December 

Going to Valenzuela no longer excites me because it always reminds me that my sister is not here but of course, I have to visit my family there. I know for a fact that time won’t heal my pain, I just need to try my best to move forward and live again. Before we went home, we had lunch at Samgyupsalan together with my late sister’s children. 

“God is the place our hearts can go on the hard days and the happy ones, in the highs and lows.” - Holly Gerth 

I was planning a charcuterie board for our New Year’s dinner but I learned that it is also my sister-in-law’s potluck. Waah! I don’t have time to cook na so thanks to Purefoods Squid Rings, Tail on Shrimp and Shrimp Tempura, may nadala ko. I also brought cheese, nuts, grapes, and roast chicken. 

My husband has been planning for our holiday getaway kaso puro fully booked na sa date na gusto niya. Thank God, he was able to book at “Acuaverde Resort” before the year ends for our extended holiday. This is our second time visiting the resort and for a change, we stayed for three days.

And of course, for our New Year’s Eve, we’re supposed to eat baby back ribs with fries and corn, dinner roll and chocolate cake pero tinamad na kami magprepare kasi wala na din gustong kumain so naging New Year lunch na lang namin. Hehehe! This is the perks of having a family of three, walang hirap sa pagprepare. We only prepare what we can consume. 

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