April 04, 2022

Trip to Garten Norway

Garten is an island in the municipality of Ørland, Norway. This island is situated on the north side of the mouth of Trondheim Fjord. A long time ago, you need to ride a boat to reach the mainland but starting year 1948 it is connected by a small bridge. 

Garten is where you can ride a ferry if you want to reach nearby islands like Storfosna and Leksa.

If you are into adventures like hiking, visit Garten because this place has steep hills where you can see the beautiful Ørland tidal landscapes and Trondheimsfjord from different viewpoints. On the north-eastern part of this island, you will see the Synnørsfjellet or Synnors Mountain. My mom wanted to visit this mountain but hiking is no longer part of my vocabulary so hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa naakyat yan. 

You can hike Synnors Mountain using two routes, one with stairs and one route following the beach. Actually, there is a walking path map in the parking lot. My mom parked here even though we are not going to hike because she wanted to walk from the parking lot to reach the Grillhytta or Barbecue Hut in Garten. 

I have sedentary lifestyle for almost two years so I am not used to long walks again. So on our way to the Barbecue Hut, I’ve said “Bakit ang layo ng pinaparkan kung puwede naman na magdrive hanggang doon?” My mom said “walking nga para maexercise” but God sent me an angel because out of the blue, may dumaan na sasakyan and we were surprised that it was my aunt’s car so hindi na kami naglakad, pinagdrive na niya kami papunta sa grillhytta and pabalik sa parking lot. Hehehe! 

Three years ago, we are looking for this place pero hindi namin makita kung saan so umuwi na lang kami. But since my mom used to work in Nursing Home so this place is one of those places that they visited so it already looks familiar because I saw the pictures before. But of course, iba pa rin sa personal. 

One thing I like about Norway, is there are so many places like this that you can visit for free. Yes, this cottage or barbecue hut is free to use. It was built on a voluntary basis in the year 2017. It is funded through a social development project. 

Update: May 2022


When we arrived here in Norway last March, my mom wanted to hike Synnørsfjellet but like I've said before, I'm not into hiking. After two months, I finally gave in and we conquered the Synnørsfjellet despite the windy weather. I will blog this in a separate post so you will have an idea of how child-friendly the trail is. This is the view from the top of the mountain. :)

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