April 08, 2022

Trip to Opphaug Norway

Opphaug is another village in Ørland municipality which is located on the south side of Bjugnfjorden. There are two places in Opphaug that we usually visit every time we are here in Norway, one is Døsvik Havn and one is Austrått. 

Døsvik Havn or Døsvik Harbor 

Ørland is surrounded by sea so if you are following my Norway trip posts, you’ll notice the seascape background. Each place that we visit has its own harbor and each havn or marina has its own beauty. One of our most visited harbors is Døsvik Havn, simply because we just like the colorful rorbu or holiday homes.

Note: Rorbu is a traditional type of seasonal house used by fishermen in Norway. One part of the house is constructed on land and the other part is standing on the water using poles to have easy access to fishing vessels.

Austrått Havn or Austrått Harbor 

Austrått is one of the popular tourist spots in Ørland because it is where you can find the Austrått Manor which is one of the oldest manors in Norway. There are so many activities that you can do here like sea kayaking, golfing, fishing, sailing, biking, hiking, swimming, and other sports activities. 

If you are into leisure walking or history, you can also visit Austråttlunden, Austrått Fort, and Austråttborgen. Although you can visit this all year round, the best time is summer because you can join their guided tours and explore the Norwegian manor and former German fortress. You can read more about this in my post “Things to do in Austrått Norway” 

Last month, we had a chance to revisit but this time we went straight to Austrått Havn because there is something new here, there is already a viewing deck. Just like the other harbor that we visited, there are tables and benches too. 

According to their website, Austrått Harbor is run by the Ørland Boat Club and their clubhouse is open to boat guests during the summer season. They have the following services. 

Free - Space at guest jetty within 3 hours 
150 NOK per day - Space at the guest jetty for leisure boats 
250 NOK per day - Space for commercial traffic 
20 NOK - Electricity 
20 NOK - Shower 
30 NOK - Washing machine 
20 NOK - Dryer


A few minutes' walk from the harbor, you can find a sandy beach with a viewing deck too “Storjektvika”. During summer days, you can do sunbathing, play volleyball or football or swim if you can take the seawater temperature. 

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