August 01, 2017

Svartholberget Norway

Our Day 26 in Norway is quite busy, we spent our day in Nursing Home where we played Bingo but unfortunately we did not win that day. My son also played bowling with the grannies and grandads. After my mom’s work, off we went to Europris and Coop because my mom will buy prizes for Bingo and for their event. 

When we went home, my mom took a nap while I was busy editing photos and videos. At that time, my mom was preparing for an event and I volunteered that I will make her presentation. Though I’m no expert in editing photos or videos, I can make a simple video so grandparents can reminisce about their past indoor and outdoor activities in Nursing Home. 

After a few hours, off we went to my aunt’s house for a quick visit. We stayed on the balcony, it was sunny but still cold so we were still wearing jackets. My aunt has a nice view of the sea too, in fact, nakakita pa ko ng cruise ship na nagdadaan dun during our last visit.

We ate dinner and then my aunt invited us for a walk. If my mom has Bruholmen, my aunt has Svartholberget for their recreation in Garten. Norwegians are lucky because they always have a recreation area near their homes. They can do biking, fishing, walking, and even a picnic for free.  

Watch the video here 

It was already night time but Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun so the sun is still visible at night. It was Spring season, the sun sets so late, so mga 10PM na dumidilim. During our walk, I saw the moon and the sun at the same time. Amazing! 

Though it was tiring, we enjoyed our walk. Sayang lang, we did not see any moose. My aunt said, minsan makakasabay mo pa daw sila maglakad. Hehehe! There is no moose but we saw a slug.


  1. That town is so beautiful! I would love to settle down in a place like that. I can just imagine how wonderful it is to wake up to views like those you featured here. It would be interesting too to see the sun and the moon up at the same time!

  2. I tried to read the name of the place... and parang tongue twister hahaha :D i want to visit a place like that road (yung bangin na ang katabi)... i know its dangerous pero grabeng ganda ng view. its so nice that you had fun.

  3. Norway is like a paradise, no? Soooobrang ganda at picture pa lang mukhang napaka peaceful na. Hirap lang talaga basahin ng mga words nila. haha. Pero other than that, I think they have disciplined people, wonderful places and they take care of mother earth.

  4. I couldn't imagine seeing the sun even at night. This alone pushes me to visit Norway.

  5. Oh my. Ang sarap mag stroll and mag isip isip kapag ganyan kaganda ang view. Plus malamig pa.