April 10, 2018

12 Places to Visit in Ørland Norway for FREE

Time passes so quickly and I couldn’t believe that one year had passed already. Exactly a year ago we spent our summer vacation in Norway. It is so far from the Philippines so we need to ride three airplanes and one Ferry Boat. It took us 33 hours just to reach Ørland, Norway. Yes, the travel time was stressful but it was worth it. Sharing with you the 12 places that you can visit if ever you live or planning to visit Ørland.

1. Bruholmen Friluftsomrade

Bruholmen Friluftsomarade is a recreational area in Brekstad. This place is good for biking, running, jogging, or walking. It is also a nice place to have picnic if weather permits. We always visit this place because it is just few minutes away from my mom’s place.

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2. Austrått 

Austrått is known as a residence of officials, noblemen, and noblewomen who played a significant role in the history of Norway. It is a place where you can see the Austrått Manor, grove, beach and fort. The Manor House and Fort are open for guided tours every summer season, so it is from June to August. Though we were not able to see the interiors of the house, we were happy to see a glimpse of it.

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3. Trollskogen 

If you have kids in tow, you can also visit Trollskogen or Troll Forest. I did not see any trolls there but it has a small shelter and bonfire where you can have picnic too. Beside the shelter are small pond and playground where kids can play.

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4. Lerberen Folkehelsepark 

Lerberen Folkehelsepark is considered a public health park which is just a few minutes’ walk from Trollskogen. If you have an active lifestyle, this is a perfect place for you to do your running, jogging or walking activity. On top of the mountain, you have the city view. There is a logbook there where you can write your names.

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5. Fishing at Trøndelag Coast 

One of the fun and exciting activity that you can do in Ørland is fishing. We were lucky to experience fishing in Norway. Since Ørland is near the fjord, it is an ideal place for fishing. You can catch halibut, monkfish, cod, haddock, coalfish, plaice, mackerel, redfish, sea trout, herring, catfish, and pollack. We were able to catch 3 cod fish during our fishing trip.

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6. Rusasetvatnet 

Ørland has a lot of recreational areas so there is no reason for you not to have an active lifestyle. Rusasetvatnet is another place where you can visit if you want to do walking, running, biking, birdwatching or if you want to see other wildlife.

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7. Døsvik Havn 

As I mentioned before, Ørland is near the fjord so if you love fishing, you can rent a holiday homes or boathouse in Døsvik Havn. The place is picturesque because of the different colors of the holiday homes.

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8. Hovdetåa 

Ørland is surrounded by different bodies of water so you will enjoy a lot of seascapes here. If the weather is not cold, it is also nice to swim in Hovdetåa. But since it was freezing cold in April, we did not swim, we just enjoyed the view of fjords.

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9. Svartholberget 

If Brekstad has Bruholmen, Garten has Svartholberget. This place is also good for walking, jogging and running. There are times that you can see moose and deer around the area. The place is higher than Bruholmen so you will see Garten view on top of it.

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10. Grandefjaera Nature Reserve

If you are bird lover or you just want to see different kinds of bird species, don’t forget to visit Grandefjaera Nature Reserve. It is a wetland area where you can see Norwegian and migrating birds. A nice place for a picnic too.

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11. Kjeungskajaer Lighthouse 

I’ve seen a lot of lighthouses in the Philippines but Kjeungskajaer Lighthouse is different. This lighthouse is located in a small island so you have to ride a boat just to see it up close and personal. You can visit this from May 15 to August 31.

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12. Sjøgata 

Sjøgata is situated in Uthaug’s old port area. They are preserving this place and it is considered a historical place where you can see fishermen’s houses that were built in 1800’s. The place is picturesque so there is no doubt that some people like to draw or paint this place.

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So these are the 12 places that you can visit in Ørland, Norway and the good news is, all these places have no entrance fee. Yes, you can visit this place for FREE.

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