April 04, 2023

Trip to Ørland Cultural Center

My son has no face-to-face classes for two weeks, ang sarap magvacation but we don’t have travel plans yet. So we will just spend our Holy Week break at home and because of that, I decided to do some throwback posts.

Over a year ago, we visited Ørland Cultural Center, our first agenda is to go to the police station, yes police station because my mom needs to get some documents for my brother’s Schengen Visa Application. For the past decades, my mom always goes to the police station just to get UDI and Invitation Letter with a stamp. But last year, we were surprised when the police told her that she no longer needs to go there, she can just download the form online and stamps are no longer needed. This is good news because we can just type the details, print and sign. 

Since we were already at the Ørland Cultural Center, we decided to explore the area and check what is new. We’ve been here, a few times already so we knew that they have a library, cinema, and tourist information. We watched Avengers: Endgame here way back in 2019. 

Last year, we discovered that there is Wetland Exhibition, Gallery Hans, and The Hannah Ryggen Center. Fortunately, there is an English translation so we were able to learn something new. 

Wetland Exhibition Center 

There are six Wetland Visitor Centers in Norway and this is one of the six centers so we are lucky to visit one. By visiting the centers, guests can gain an understanding and become more aware of the value of the wetlands and how to protect them. The exhibit focuses on these four areas; Grandefjæra, Hovsfjæra, Innstrandfjæra and Kråkvågsvaet 

Gallery Hans and Hannah Ryggen Center 

Hannah Ryggen is a Swedish artist who settled on a small farm in Norway after marrying her painter husband Hans Ryggen. We're able to see some of their masterpiece in the center. 

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