April 23, 2023

Handmade Felt Food Toy

I am done with my Washi Tape Projects so my next goal is to make a craft project using “Red and Yellow” which are both Bee Happy Craft colors. When I read the theme, the first thing that pops into my head is the colors of McDonald’s so I decided to make a “Bee Happy Meal”. I created my own menu and I make sure that the food has a touch of yellow and red. I browsed Pinterest for ideas and templates.

Several years ago, my husband gifted me a sewing machine but I can count on my fingers the projects that I’ve made. And some of my projects like Tooth Pocket, Felt Stuffed Letters and Gingerbread Ornaments na mano-manong tahi so ang sakit sa kamay. So after listing my menu, I already knew that it will take me days to finish. 

It’s been years since the last time I made a felt project so I have very limited supplies but I really want to do this project so I pushed my plan. Thanks to online shopping, nadeliver naman agad yung felt cloth but while waiting for my order, I started cutting and sewing some of the food using my leftover supplies. So for this project, it is a combination of hard and felt cloth. 

My world stopped for few days, wala talaga ko ginawa kundi magtahi and because of that even we had no internet connection for one day, hindi ako nabored kasi busy ako sa pagtahi. So after three days of cutting and sewing, I finally finished my Bee Happy Meal Menu, I even made a gable box using cardstock. 

I felt satisfied after doing this project because it is so cute, parang gusto ko pa nga dagdagan ng nuggets and spaghetti. How I wish, I made this project when my son is still young but I am saving this for my future grandchildren, baka hindi na kaya ng powers ko magtahi sa panahon na yun. Hehehe! 

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