April 25, 2023

3D Be Happy Layered Craft

I just finished my Bee Happy Meal Menu so I thought that is only the project that I will make for “Red and Yellow” theme. But while I was browsing my files, I saw my 3D Happy Sunflower Shadow Box file which I bought a year ago. The sunflower is perfect for yellow colors and I can change the other elements to red color. 

At first, I was having second thoughts because this is a 17 layers project so I am not sure if I have enough cardstock for this so I ended up using smooth, glitter, and mirror cardstock so I can finish the project. 

I reduced the file to 5.4 inches just like my 3D Layered Sea Waves so it would fit my shadow box but after cutting a few layers, I am not getting a clean cut and I wasted a few pieces of paper. So I changed it back to its original size which is 8x8 inches. 

Since this is a 17 layers project, cutting each layer took a long time but I am glad I finished this project. This prompted me to buy a bigger shadow box so I can display my other layered craft like the Heaven’s Gate Shadow Box that I’ve made for All Soul’s Day. 

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