October 17, 2023

Halloween Chip Bag Treats

Halloween is near so before I forget I will start sharing my Halloween Craft Projects that I’ve been doing since September. If you remember my “Halloween Lollipop Holder” post, I mentioned that my son needs packaging for their project in Entrepreneurship Class. So aside from the lollipop holders, we also made this Halloween Chip Bag Treats. 

Our initial plan is to buy a “stand-up zip lock pouch” and we will just add stickers but the problem is “shipping”, baka hindi madeliver agad yung pouch so I suggested Chip Bag treats. I’ve been meaning to try this project but I don’t have a thin photo paper but we still pushed the project kahit sticker lang ginamit namin. 

My son knew how to use Photoshop so I purchased a Chip Bag Template so it would be easy for us to do the project, we would just drag and drop the graphic elements using the PSD file. Also, if the teacher asked how he made the packaging, madali magpresent. For designs, we used some designs from these bundles; Retro Halloween Sublimation Bundle and Coffee Halloween Sublimation Bundle.

After printing, I taught him how to assemble the chip bag and pack his candies. These are the samples but he needs to finish everything in school. Just like his lollipop holders, sold out din ito. I’m planning to do this project in the future so I already bought photo paper. :)

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