February 16, 2012

1st Blog Anniversary and Giveaway

Today is the exact date of my first blog anniversary and I can’t believe that it’s been a year already. I would like to thank you for wasting your time, I mean taking your time reading my post. I have no idea that someone would be interested reading my blog, when I started my blog I only have 3 readers, me, myself and I. Then I told my mom and hubby about it and they became my number one fan. Thank you for your support.

Like I always say, Michi Photostory is like my online diary and sort of “me time”, as a full time mom, I need to have an outlet where I can freely write or express my feelings. And this blog is so helpful and keep me sane. I’m happy to share my experiences as a mom and wife, our travel escapades, our food trip and others. You have no idea how happy I am when my followers and subscribers are increasing and most of all I really appreciate your comments and thoughts. It is my pleasure answering your questions and messages because in my own little way, I can help. 

I never thought that blogging could be fun and interesting. I have learned a lot through blog hopping, I saw interesting places around the world and I came to know hole in the wall restaurant, and because of that I have long list of “places to go to”, “must see resort” and “food trip list”. I learned new information, ideas and techniques in dealing with kids and reading mommy blogger’s posts make me appreciate and enjoy motherhood. I even gained weight in reading food blog post, because of your post I keep on trying new recipes and restaurants.

Thank you for those bloggers who help me in doing my itinerary and planning our trip. Thank you for those people who gave me opportunity to earn on this blog, it is not that much but still thankful for the few paid post and paid links. One thing I learn about blogging is, “Blogging is not all about earning but learning and gaining friends” and I’m glad because I gained online friends.

I hope someday, I can also meet you in person. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for following my blog and to show my appreciation, I will be giving a small reward (Starbucks Tumbler) to my top commentator. As of this moment, I have 359 blog posts and 2,122 comments so I know that it would be difficult for me to check my top commentator so I added a widget last Sunday. Here are my top 20 commentators…. (drum roll).

Congratulations Tin of The Average Jane and thank you for all the comments, feedbacks, thoughts and suggestions. Do not forget to drop your email in my comment box. I will send the item after our post valentines celebration, bf-gf anniversary, wedding anniversary, and blog anniversary celebration. No doubt that February is my favorite month, so many things to celebrate.
this is the reason why I need to go to Starbucks last Tuesday. =)


  1. happy 1st blog anniversary sis! ambilis no? reading your posts is something i look forward everyday kase very informative kaya never sya magiging waste of time.

    wow very nice naman ng reward,congrats Tin! dapat lahat ng commentators sa taas may tumbler,hehe joke!

    I'm lucky to have a mommy blogger friend like you.Cheers to more blogging years and God bless you sis! xoxo.

    1. thanks sis, kung pwede nga lang kahit top 5 kaso no budget. hehe!

  2. Happy 1st blog anniversary! :) More power to your site and congratulations to Tin of The Average Jane for winning this giveaway! :)

  3. awww, happy blog anniversary!! I'm on top 3 :-D you are my top 1 so far :-D Congratulations to Ms. Jane ;-)

    Spanish Pinay

  4. wow kasama ako sa top commenters! happy anniv michi! :)

  5. I salute the 359 blog posts. That's an amazing feat! Happy blogversary from your new follower.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Wish ko more travel pa para mas madami pa blogs! I love reading your posts kasi bukod sa naeengganyo ako sa mga pinupuntahan nyo at very informative yung posts mo, PLUS kasi yung meron kang baby na kasama sa pagtravel. So, alam ko yung gagawin ko kung sakali kasi may baby din ako. :) (ay ang gulo ko ata! hehe)

  7. Happy anniv michi!!! :) and I agree with you blogging is fun!
    And addicting. LOL

    Much support, Christia

  8. Yey! Thank you! My e-mail add is christine00900(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you again! =)

    Happy anniversary too! =)

  9. naka 1 year na pala ang blog mo! Happy 1st blog anniversary!! Congrats kay Tin sa pagwawagi!

  10. Happy 1st blog anniversary! Cheers sis & here's to many more posts & annivs to come =)

  11. Happy first year anniversary! More blogging years ahead to you :-)

  12. wow ang sushal ng give away! congrats kay jane! ♥
    and happy blogversary! keep blogging =)

  13. Happy birthday for one year completion