February 24, 2012

The Magnificent Isle of Skye, UK

The United Kingdom is a prosperous city and its economy is one of the most stable in the world. The cost of living here is high but the popular attractions available at this place are what keep the tourists coming to this country, again and again, making it one of the top tourists’ destinations in the world. The United Kingdom has a lot of charms and a week or two is not enough if you want to visit all the attractive places here. Some of the landmarks here are the Edinburgh Castle, the Stonehedge, Canterbury Cathedral and the Giant’s Causeway. 

As mentioned earlier, the cost of living in this country is high but it can be more expensive as you move to the primary cities like London and Manchester. If you take taxis frequently, you will also mess up with your travel budget as they are really expensive. Therefore, you can save quite an amount of money if you hire a car at car rental UK. This car rental company gives you the best package based on your budget and you will not have any problems with the car because all of the cars prepared for the customers here are regularly serviced and checked by professional mechanics. 

Usually, all the popular places in the United Kingdom are located inside England like London and Manchester but there are also some tourism places in the other countries like Scotland. Skye or also known as the Isle of Skye for some is an island with a total area of around 1,600 square kilometers and the structures of the island are directly influenced by a lot of cultures like the Norse, Gaelic, and English. The Isle of Skye is made popular among the tourists mainly because of the incredible scenery here that are sculptured by the mountains and you can also see the nice white-washed villages of the island.

Even though this island is a bit congested with tourists during the holiday season and also because of the weather here, you can still have a great time at the Isle of Skye. The best time to visit this place will be during the summer as the rainy days are rare, and the best place to go will be the Fairy Glen, which is a magical place for those who love to see the scenery of the mountains and greenest field you will ever see in your life. You can have a great time here by walking using the trails provided and take a lot of pictures as a souvenir of your visit here.